Patricia C. Kuszler

Adjunct Professor, Health Services
Associate Dean, Law School
Professor, Law (primary appt.)


JD   Yale University, 1991
MD   Mayo Medical School/graduate School, 1978
BA   Mills College, 1974

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School of Law
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-4600

campus box:   353020
voice:   206-685-0511
fax:   206-543-5671

Bioethics; genetics and the law; global health; health and human rights; medical malpractice; public health law

Pierce BL, Carlson CS, Kuszler PC, Stanford JL, Austin MA. The impact of patents on the development of genome-based clinical diagnostics: an analysis of case studies. Genet Med. 2009 Mar;11(3):202-9.  PMID: 19367193    PMCID: PMC2873842

Burke W, Kuszler P, Starks H, Holland S, Press N. Translational genomics: seeking a shared vision of benefit. Am J Bioeth. 2008 Mar;8(3):54-6; discussion W1-3.  PMID: 18570105    PMCID: PMC2633471

Garrison LP Jr, Carlson RJ, Carlson JJ, Kuszler PC, Meckley LM, Veenstra DL. A review of public policy issues in promoting the development and commercialization of pharmacogenomic applications: challenges and implications. Drug Metab Rev. 2008;40(2):377-401. Review.  PMID: 18464050

Kuszler PC. Biotechnology entrepreneurship and ethics: principles, paradigms, and products. Med Law. 2006 Sep;25(3):491-502.  PMID: 17078522

Kuszler PC. A question of duty: common law legal issues resulting from physician response to unsolicited patient email inquiries. J Med Internet Res. 2000 Jul-Sep;2(3):E17.  PMID: 11720940    PMCID: PMC1761858