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Mary L. Richardson

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As Professor Emeritus, I now enjoy being involved with the Department of Health Services - including the MHA Program - for special projects. Working with the talented students recruited into Department of Health Service programs, in both a teaching and advisory capacity remains a favorite activity of mine.
Professor Emeritus, Health Services


PhD   University of Washington, 1984   (Health Services Admin)
MHA   University of Washington, 1978   (Health Services Admin)

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Mary Richardson was director of the MHA Program from 1990-2000. She was also Co-Director of the Center for Disability Policy and Research examining health and health care services for persons with chronic conditions and disabilities. Dr. Richardson serves on the Accrediting Commission for Education in Health Services Administration (ACHESA) and is past Chair of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). She also served (1989-1990) as the Kennedy Fellow in Public Policy, working for U.S. Senator Tom Harkin on health and disability policy.

management, quality improvement, disability, chronic conditions,
Core Indicators Project

This study of quality indicators, designed to measure the effectiveness of services for people with developmental disabilities and their families, is being conducted for the State of Washington Division of Developmental Disabilities. The Division is participating with other states in the development of quality indicators.

Family Support Opportunities Program

The State Division of Developmental Disabilities initiated a pilot project three years ago aimed at increasing in home supports and reducing the risk of institutional placement. Our evaluation of their pilot led to a broader implementation of the program. We now conduct ongoing evaluation and monitoring of this program.

Voluntary Placement Program

This project is an evaluation of a program, initiated by the Washington State Division of Developmental Disabilities, to provide enhanced services to children with complex needs and their families as a means of reducing the risk of out of home placement.