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School of Public Health
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Michael Stanfill

Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
WISe Psychology Northwest


PhD   CSPP Alliant International University , 2011   (Clinical Psychology)
MA   CSPP Alliant International University , 2008   (Clinical Psychology)
MEd   University of Massachusetts, 2005   (Mental Health Counseling)
BS   University of Arizona, 2003   (Psychology)

Contact Info


WISe Psychology / Special Commitment Center
4742 42nd Ave SW #282
Seattle, WA 98116

voice:   253-234-5439

Health needs for inmates; efficacy review of interventions across time; psychiatric illness; substance abuse; recidivism and health-related variables related to incarceration; barriers to clinical care; psychological assessment and risk assessment; application of epidemiology and biostatistics to criminal justice arenas; veterans and active duty military psychiatric issues