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Graduate Non-matriculated (GNM) and Non-matriculated (NM) Status

Both Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) and Non-matriculated (NM) status allow students to enroll in graduate courses without first being admitted to a degree program.

In the Department of Health Services:

  • Programs grant GNM status and allow GNM/NM course registration on a case-by-case basis. Not all courses are eligible.
  • Acceptance as a GNM/NM student does not guarantee priority for later acceptance into a degree program.
  • Contact the program office directly for information about registration.


(Check with your program before filling out forms. GNM students must apply for GNM status before registering.)

Differences Between GNM and NM:

  • Credits earned as GNM may be transferable if a student is later admitted into a graduate degree program.
  • Credits earned as NM are generally not transferable to a graduate degree program.
  • GNM application requires that official transcripts be submitted for previous degrees.
  • NM is not a formal status and has no application. Just follow the approval and registration process.

Applying for GNM Status:

Students should speak with a program coordinator to assess their particular course interests and the likelihood of admission before proceeding.

Select the most appropriate program for the courses you'd like to take:

  • Health Services - General MPH Programs and GNM:
    (For in-residence courses with the HSERV prefix)
  • Health Services Administration - In Residence (Day) Program (MHA)
    (For in-residence courses with the HSMGMT prefix)
  • Health Services Administration - Executive Program (MHA)
    (For executive courses with the HSMGMT prefix)
  • Health Services - Executive MPH Degree Program
    (For distance/partial-distance courses offered by the eMPH Program)