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Graduate Non-matriculated (GNM) and Non-matriculated (NM) Status

Both Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) and Non-matriculated (NM) status allow students to enroll in graduate courses without first being admitted to a degree program.

In the Department of Health Services:

  • Programs grant GNM status and allow GNM/NM course registration on a case-by-case basis. Not all courses are eligible.
  • Acceptance as a GNM/NM student does not guarantee priority for later acceptance into a degree program.
  • Contact the program office directly for information about registration.

Applying for GNM/NM Status:

(Check with your program before filling out forms. GNM students must apply for GNM status before registering.)

Differences Between GNM and NM:

  • Credits earned as GNM may be transferable if a student is later admitted into a graduate degree program.
  • Credits earned as NM are generally not transferable to a graduate degree program.
  • GNM application requires that official transcripts be submitted for previous degrees.
  • NM is not a formal status and has no application. Just follow the approval and registration process.