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School of Public Health

Certificate Programs

Certificates for Graduate Students

The Graduate Certificates in Public Health offered by the Department of Health Services allow students to focus on a specialized area of study that complements their graduate degree program. Graduate Certificates in Public Health will be listed separately on the official UW transcript.

(Certificate students must be currently enrolled in a UW graduate program.)

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Comparative effectiveness research is a growing field that aims to generate evidence to improve health care decisions for patients and providers. It examines the benefits and risks of different medical or healthcare interventions, including drugs and medical technology. The results of these comparison studies are used by medical professionals to make better informed healthcare decisions and thereby improve patient care.

Health Management

The Graduate Certificate in Health Management program serves students with an interest in additional academic training in management and leadership aspects of health care and public health organizations and systems. Most Master of Public Health (MPH) graduates find that development of basic management skills and competencies is essential for progressing in operational and managerial roles within health care and public health programs, organizations, and systems. Graduates will obtain basic core competencies around management, personal leadership, and health care financial management.

Health Policy

(The Health Policy Certificate is no longer accepting applications.)

Maternal and Child Health

Most MCH problems are the result of complex psychosocial, economic and physiological factors that require interdisciplinary approaches to study, prevention and treatment. The coordinated sequence of courses in the Maternal and Child Health Certificate are intended to give graduates an overview of the historical, political and legislative basis for health and social services for mothers and children in the United States, and to introduce students to the etiology and prevention of maternal mortality and major health problems, and the etiology and prevention of child mortality and morbidities associated with biomedical or psychosocial risk.

Public Health Practice

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health Practice introduces students to core disciplines of public health practice over two quarters of study delivered through a blended format: on-site class time combined with online interaction.