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Jobs - RA and TA positions

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Faculty and Staff Positions:
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Open Research Assistant (RA) and Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions

Announcements for departmental RA and TA positions are posted to student email lists and listed below. TA positions will be posted during the quarter before the position is available. RA positions will be listed as they become available. Relevant announcements from other departments and agencies may also be posted to student email lists.

Current Positions:

(There are no open positions at this time)

All interested students are welcome to apply. Positions are filled on the basis of the best student fit with the position.

Additional information about RA/TA appointments can be found on the Graduate School web site.

Applying for RA and TA Positions

Students apply by submitting the appropriate application along with a transcript and resume.

Once a candidate is selected, an offer letter will be sent. If the candidate wishes to accept the position, they will need to sign and return the offer letter.

Pay Rates and Increases

The Graduate School refers to RA and TA positions as "Graduate Service Appointments" (GSA). Pay rates for GSAs are determined by the Graduate School.

Four basic appointments are used:

  • RA or TA for pre-master students
  • PDRA1 and PDTA1 are for doctoral students
  • PDRA2 and PDTA2 are for doctoral students who have passed their General Exam
  • Hourly RA - (Rate of pay based on experience and qualifications)

The Graduate School allows some flexibility in pay rates by using "Schedule" designations within all the above categories.

  • Schedule 1 is for appointments that include tuition waivers.
  • Schedule 2 is for students working less than 20 hours per week.
  • Schedule 3 is for 20 hour per week appointments that do not include tuition waivers.
Current pay rate information from the Graduate School

Pay increases are determined by collective bargaining between the University and the UAW.

Pay is bi-monthly on the 10th and 25th of each month. The first payment will be on the pay date following the first two weeks of employment. The last payment will be made on the pay date following completion of employment.

Health Insurance Eligibility

Graduate Appointee Insurance is provided for students who meet the following criteria:

  1. They are RAs or TAs paid at least 50% FTE or predoctoral Fellows receiving at least $800 per month.
  2. They work at least 5 out of 6 half-month pay periods per quarter during the academic year or 2 consecutive pay periods in the summer.
  3. They are paid through the UW
  4. They maintain registration for at least 10 credits per quarter during the academic year or 2 credits in the summer.

The UW will pay 50% of the premium for eligible dependents. Further information on benefits, procedures and deadlines for the GAI insurance is available on the Graduate School web site.

To be insured, students must complete an enrollment form by the quarter deadline, (usually 3 weeks in advance of the quarter).

Students are responsible for reading the materials and submitting the required forms by the deadlines.

Students with equivalent positions, paid directly by other organizations such as the FHCRC, are eligible to participate on a self-pay basis. A petition to self-pay must be submitted to:

Insurance Coordinator, (GI Communications)
UW Graduate School, Box 353770

Fred Hutchinson Appointments:

Students interested in RA appointments at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, (FHCRC), should apply directly to the FHCRC and present their tuition and health care bills to FHCRC.

Student Obligations:

A TA or RA must meet the workload requirements of their contract as well as maintain good standing in their program. As in any other type of employment, students are expected to maintain good work ethics. A student may negotiate time off with the faculty supervisor on an individual basis. TAs and RAs must register for full-time study throughout their appointment. ( 10 credits during the academic year, 2 credits in the Summer). New TAs should plan on attending the TA orientation sessions offered by the Graduate School in September. Contact the Graduate School for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I work more than 20 hours during summer quarter?

Yes.   For Summer Quarter ONLY , students may hold up to 100%, (40 hour per week), appointments without filing a petition. Students should discuss extra work/funding with their faculty RA or TA supervisor and if approved, should notify Kitty Andert, MPH or Donna Porter, MHA and then their Payroll Coordinator.

Can I work outside the UW while holding an RA or TA position?


Can I do private consulting/tutoring work for other UW departments in addition to my RA or TA position?

Please discuss this with Kitty Andert or Donna Porter.

What if I am unhappy with my RA or TA situation?

Try to discuss the situation with your faculty RA or TA supervisor. If problems/issues can't be resolved, contact Kitty Andert or Donna Porter.

The UW Graduate School provides information on Academic Grievance Procedures
  • FHCRC:   Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • GSA:   Graduate Student Service Appointment.
  • PDRA1:   Predoctoral Research Assistantship 1
  • PDRA2:   Predoctoral Research Assistantship 2
  • PI:   Principal Investigator
  • RA:   Research Assistantship
  • TA:   Teaching Assistantship
  • FTE:   Full Time Equivalent
  • 50% appointment:   20 hours per week
  • 25% appointment:   10 hours per week