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School of Public Health
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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision of the Future:

We envision a future where systems effectively, efficiently, and equitably promote the health of all populations.

Our Mission:

To work with partners in public health and health care to prepare leaders, design solutions, and conduct innovative research that is translated into practice and policy.

Our Core Values:

Health Equity:

We strive to ensure equity in health outcomes across all social groups by working to remove obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and lack of access to good jobs with fair pay, quality education and housing, safe environments, and health care.

Service to the Public Good:

We build and use knowledge to promote the collective health and well-being of all people - locally, across Washington State, nationally, and globally. We acknowledge in our work that strong public institutions and resources are necessary to promote health equity.


We commit ourselves to act with fairness, integrity, and respect in our relationships with each other, with our students, and with those outside the academy. This requires genuine openness to others' ideas and transparency as we make decisions.


Typified by an open and welcoming approach that demonstrates mutual respect and fairness, we work together to solve problems. Working across disciplines and other arbitrary boundaries, such as differing cultural and economic boundaries, we strive for collective achievement, ensuring we all share power and fully participate in decisions that shape our institution.


In our teaching, research, and service, we strive to efficiently produce the best possible outcome. The hallmark of our work is deliberative, evidence based, and designed to improve the public health, focusing on the problems that really matter in our communities.