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Work/Leave Procedures

Overview of Procedures:
Work Week Definition:
  • Work week is defined as Sunday 12:01am through Saturday 11:59pm.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:   What if I find a mistake on a week that I've already submitted?

A:   If your supervisor hasn't yet approved the sheet, simply fix the mistakes and resubmit. If the sheet has already been approved, you'll need to view the week in your timesheet history and "Return" it yourself before fixing.

Q:   What if my supervisor, FTE or standard schedule needs to be changed?

A:   Your supervisor must send the corrected information to:
Lynn Gose, or 206-616-2932

Q:   What if I can't login, or the system tells me I'm not authorized?

A:   Your UWNetID may not be entered into the system as an employee or supervisor, please notify:
Christy Sherwood, or Josh West,