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School of Public Health
MPH Program in Health Services

Admission: General Guidelines

Successful applications generally meet the following criteria:

  • Show a good match between the training goals of applicants and the program to which they are applying, demonstrating that they have reviewed the literature and have (when possible) contacted one of more of our faculty to discuss their applications
  • Demonstrate a progression between past and present training and/or experience and attainment of the MPH. Goal statements should clearly address how an MPH degree will advance applicants' professional goals
  • Are submitted, (with some exceptions), after applicants have at least two or three years of public health-related work experience
  • Are supported by good recommendation letters, transcripts, and GRE scores. To be competitive, most applicants should have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

GRE Scores:

While the programs do not have specific expectations about GRE scores, successful applicants usually achieve at least 50% in each of the categories. The GRE is not required for those who have earned a doctoral degree in the United States from an accredited institution of higher learning. The program will accept "old" GRE scores, so long as they are still available from the Educational Testing Service.

Quantitative Skills:

Because biostatistics and epidemiology are core courses for the MPH, the faculty want students to perform well in quantitative work. A review course in algebra or statistics may be desirable for applicants who need to bolster their skills in this area.