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MPH/MS Application Process

(Frequently Asked Questions)


All programs in the Department of Health Services use the UW Graduate School online application. After you create a user profile and select your program, you'll be given specific instructions on how to complete each element of the application. Then, once you've completed each required element, you'll be able to pay the application fee online and submit your application.

Please read the General Steps to Complete an Application section below to get an overview of the materials you'll need to assemble.

When you are prepared, go to to begin the online application.

The submission deadline for MPH/MS programs is January 1.

International applicants:
For information on qualifications and required tests, please see the link below.


General Steps to Complete an Application:
(Additional steps may be required inside individual program applications.)

Options for the in-residence MPH in Health Services begin in the list with "Health Services".

The statement of purpose should include a description of the applicant's professional background, career goals, and the educational objectives which he/she expects to meet through the program. An applicant should be sure to include a description of his or her work experience in health care or related fields. The admissions committee places particular importance on well-specified and realistic career objectives.

Personal Statement (optional):
The Department of Health Services welcomes students who have varied cultural experiences, and who will therefore contribute to the intellectual and social enrichment of the MPH/MS Program. If you wish to have these factors included in the review of your application, please provide a statement concerning your personal history, family background, and influences on your intellectual development. This statement should include cultural and educational opportunities (or the lack thereof), social and economic disadvantages that you may have had to overcome, and the ways in which these experiences affected you. This statement can be separate from the goal statement described above, or can be incorporated into it.

The UW online application requires applicants to submit unofficial transcripts for each institution of higher learning which they attended or received a degree.

Official transcripts will only be requested when an offer of admission is made (international applicants) or accepted (domestic applicants.)

Prior schools and minor transcripts for course-work that have no relevance to the degree can be omitted.

(Not required if the applicant has a PhD, JD, DDS, MD, or related degree from an accredited U.S. school.)

Have official GRE scores reported directly to the University of Washington (institution code 4854).

You will also be asked to self-report your GRE scores

If you are required to provide test scores as proof of English language proficiency, (See this memo for details), you will need to enter your test scores in the online application.

Most Program applications will require three recent letters of recommendation, preferably from former supervisors and teachers. One should be from a current supervisor. The recommendation letters should address the general topic of an applicant's suitability for the training provided by the program, and should mention how long recommenders have known the applicant and in what context.

Applicants will be asked to designate recommenders in the online application. The online application will then send specific instructions to each recommender. Applicants will be able to return to the online application to check whether the application system has received the recommendations.

Applicants are expected to be in contact with each recommender to make sure that the recommendations are sent to the online application system by the due dates.

A current resume or CV should be submitted with the application.

An in-person or telephone interview with one or more faculty in the program is highly recommended. Faculty can often be contacted directly. Applicants may also seek assistance from from the MPH Program Coordinator:

MPH Program Coordinator:
(206) 616-2926