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Health Services Student Jacob Delbridge Advocates for a Tobacco-Free UW

Health Services Student Jacob Delbridge Advocates for a Tobacco-Free UW

Health Services faculty member Sarah Ross-Viles, COPHP alumna Patricia Atwater of Hall Health, and MPH student Jacob Delbridge are featured in a new UW Daily article and video addressing tobacco use and addiction at the UW and across college communities.

“For decades, the tobacco industry has targeted more vulnerable communities such as communities of color, LGBTQIA+, youth, and lower socioeconomic status communities,” Jacob is quoted as saying. “We have the responsibility as a university, as a state, and as a society to provide support and services to students and their communities.”

Jacob is a member of the UW Tobacco Action Group (TAG), a Registered Student Organization (RSO) whose mission is to promote tobacco prevention, cessation, and awareness activities at the UW. TAG supports a 100% tobacco- and smoke-free UW campus policy that is centered around cessation services to support a positive, safe and healthy environment. TAG believes that the UW policy of having designated smoking sites throughout campus encourages "othering" and perpetuates smoker stigma through ensuring that non-smokers have fewer "run-ins" with people who smoke.

TAG calls on the UW to join the more than 1,400 colleges and universities that have adopted 100% tobacco- and smoke-free campus policies, thereby acknowledging the tobacco industry's targeting of communities, and recognizing the importance of fostering a campus environment free of tobacco industry influence.

Check out the article here, published in the UW Daily's first ever magazine edition, UWellness.

As a complement to the article, the UW Daily produced a video entitled "Tobacco: Let's Talk about it", available here.

Learn more about tobacco studies at the UW here: