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Course Requirements for the
MPH General Program

General Credit Requirements

Students must complete:
  • 63 credits total
of which:
  • At least 30 credits must be from graduate-level in-classroom courses
which must include:
  • At least 18 credits from Health Services in-classroom courses.
in addition to:

School of Public Health and Health Services Course Requirements

Medical Biometry I
Applied Biostatistics I

and Either:
Global Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental and Occupational Health

and Either:
Introduction to Epidemiology
or both:
Epidemiologic Methods I & II  (2 course sequence)

Introduction to Health Services and Public Health
(Students registering for HSERV 511 in autumn quarter must take the 4 credit section which includes a discussion session)

and Either:
Society and Health
or the 3 course group that provides greater depth:
(required for SBS concentration)
Social Determinants of Population Health and Health Disparities
Strategies of Health Promotion
Community Based Participatory Research and Health

and Two Courses from:
Management Practice in Health Care and Public Health Organizations
Health Economics
Health Policy Development

and 6 quarters of program seminar:
HSERV Departmental Seminar (all MPH students take in WIN)
MPH Program Seminar
(MPH students take in AUT & SPR except for MCH Concentration)
MCH Program Seminar
(MCH Concentration students take in AUT & SPR)


and Thesis or Capstone:
Capstone Project
(only available to the Health Systems & Policy Concentration)