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MPH Concurrent Degree Programs

MPH/MSW - with the School of Social Work
  • enables students to complete within three years the requirements for the MSW and MPH degrees, which would require four years of academic work if earned separately
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MPH/MPA - with the Evans School of Public Administration
  • enables students to earn the MPA and MPH, (or MS) in approximately three years through an integrated curriculum of 90 credits
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MPH/JD - with the School of Law
  • Details will be available soon.
MPH/MSD - with the School of Dentistry
  • enables students to earn a concurrent MSD in Pediatric Dentistry and MPH degree in a three-year program.
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MD/MPH - with the School of Medicine
  • an intensive 5-year program for medical students, leading to a concurrent Master of Public Health
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