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Faculty and Student Guidelines for Completing the MPH Thesis - Overview


These guidelines are intended to serve as a guide to students and faculty in the Department of Health Services for planning, conducting, and submitting the master's thesis. The outline presented here incorporates departmental and Graduate School requirements, and includes discussion of the standards for acceptable theses, the roles and responsibilities of the committee members and the student, and detailed guidelines and timeline for completing the master's thesis. The goal of the document is to help make the thesis process predictable, enlightening, and yes, even enjoyable for both students and faculty.

  1. Standards for Acceptable Theses
    1. Scholarly, rigorous, generates new knowledge
    2. Types of acceptable thesis projects
    3. Publication of the thesis
    4. Standard thesis format
    5. Grading of the thesis
  2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisory Committee and Student 
    1. The Master's Supervisory Committee
    2. Student Responsibilities
  3. Guidelines for Completing Your MPH Thesis in Health Services
    1. Start and Organize Your Study
    2. Conduct Your Study
    3. Complete Your Thesis and Graduate
    4. Publication of Your Thesis
  4. Grading Criteria for Theses