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Differences Between the General and COPHP Programs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

The MPH in Health Services is offered
in two distinct educational formats:

General Program
The General Program offers the choice of pursuing either a generalist focus or one of three concentrations:
- Health Systems and Policy
- Maternal and Child Health
- Social and Behavioral Sciences
The COPHP is designed for individuals interested pursuing a career in public health practice, and should be chosen by those who favor a collaborative, problem-based learning method that includes extensive fieldwork.

Which Format Is Best for Me?
The choice is best made by considering career goals.

  • Students who wish to pursue careers in public health practice or health policy might choose either format, depending on their learning style and the relative mix of knowledge and skills that they wish to acquire.
  • If the student's career goal is to pursue advanced research opportunities, the General Program should be chosen.
  • If the student's career goal is to earn a doctorate in Health Services or a similar field, the General Program is usually the better choice.