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School of Public Health
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MS Program in Health Services



MS students write a thesis as their culminating experience. The master's thesis is an original research study that is carried out using rigorous methods that are appropriate to the research questions, that generates new knowledge, applies concepts and methods from one or more branches of science relevant to public health, and is presented in a scholarly format. The thesis demonstrates the student's comprehensive knowledge of the substantive area of the study and the research methods used. It represents the culmination of the master's program, and an opportunity to integrate and apply the concepts and methods learned in coursework.

Examples of Past Theses

Molly Fuentes     (MS)
Auditing pediatric rehabilitation service access   (thesis)
Chair:  Rivara
Members:  Rowhani-Rahbar, Apkon

Jen-Ting Yang     (MS)
Evaluation of the quality improvement project for anesthetic care of stroke codes undergoing endovascular therapy   (thesis)
Chair:  Grembowski
Members:  Sharma

Vanessa McMahan     (MS)
Alcohol use and HIV risk in the iPrEx study   (thesis)
Chair:  Williams
Members:  Heagerty

Wei-Jhih Wang     (MS)
What guides research investments in translational sciences? The case for pharmaceuticals in metastatic cancers   (thesis)
Chair:  Basu
Members:  Robertson

Martha Billings     (MS)
Is the relationship between race and CPAP adherence mediated by sleep duration?   (thesis)
( View in ResearchWorks )
Chair:  Fan
Members:  Kapur

Katherine Blondon     (MS)
The effect of financial incentives for patients on weight loss: A meta-analysis   (thesis)
( View in ResearchWorks )
Chair:  Wolf
Members:  Martin

John Scoggins     (MS)
A Rate-of-Return Test of Third-Party Payor Efficiency   (thesis)
Chair:  Martin
Members:  Conrad

John Scoggins     (MS)
PhD Economics Dissertation at University of Florida: Utility-Sponsored Energy Conservation Programs: An Economic Welfare Analysis   (dissertation)

Lisa Williams     (MS)
Depression and incident lower limb amputation in veterans with diabetes   (thesis)
Chair:  Reiber
Members:  Etzioni, Maynard

Beth Tarini     (MS)
State newborn screening in the tandem mass spectrometry era: More tests, more false positives   (thesis)
Chair:  Christakis
Members:  Deyo

Louise Davies     (MS)
Epidemiology of head and neck cancer in the United States: 1975-2001   (thesis)
Chair:  Grossman
Members:  Deyo

Colin Sox     (MS)
Provision of pneumococcal prophylaxis for publicly insured children with sickle cell disease   (thesis)
Chair:  Deyo
Members:  Rivara

Jay Christensen-Szalanski     (MS)
Decision analysis as a model of physician decision making   (thesis)
Chair:  Tompkins
Members:  Bushyhead, Beach