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School of Public Health
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PhD Program in Health Services

About the PhD Program in Health Services

The health issues facing the world today are complex and raise questions as to whether we are improving health in diverse populations, and whether the clinical, human, and social outcomes justify the costs of care. The answers to these questions require sophisticated, multidisciplinary solutions. The PhD program in Health Services is seeking curious, creative individuals, capable of using diverse methods to investigate the complex issues of health care.

The PhD Program in Health Services prepares students to conduct high quality independent and collaborative health services research by offering multidisciplinary, applied research opportunities in a wide variety of areas, supported by faculty who serve as mentors. Students obtain advanced knowledge of health services and health policy, the theoretical frameworks available for conceptualizing population health and health care, and the extensive research skills to identify and critically analyze:

  • The role of cultural, social, political, behavioral, and health care effects on health
  • The organization, delivery, financing, management, and evaluation of health services.

The program provides comprehensive knowledge of health services, policy, and population health, coupled with rigorous training in research methods. Students acquire expertise in an area of emphasis through intensive preparation in theory, content, and methods. Examples of areas which students have chosen include economics, health behavior and health promotion, occupational health, evaluation science, population health and social determinants, and health systems. Students may also develop individualized areas of emphasis. Working collaboratively with faculty, each student applies this expertise to health services research and health policy issues.