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Areas of Emphasis

Students are required to complete an "area of emphasis" taking a minimum of five courses or 15 credits in specialized theory or methods courses. The area of emphasis is typically chosen after the first year.

Students may choose one of the defined areas, or may design an area of emphasis with courses selected in conjunction with his/her mentor, based on past course work, experience, proposed dissertation topic, and career goals. Students who choose two areas of emphasis must meet the course requirements of both.

Prospective students are welcome to contact faculty representatives of the areas of emphasis to learn of current research activities and opportunities.


Health Behavior and Social Determinants of Health

Lead Faculty:   India Ornelas

The Health Behavior and Social Determinants of Health area of emphasis provides opportunities for trainees to apply social and behavioral science theory and methods to the study and practice of public health. The concentration offers specialized instruction in the social determinants of health, health behavior theory, intervention methods, program planning and evaluation, health communication, and community-based participatory research.

Required Courses:
Strategies of Health Promotion (4)
Community Based Participatory Research and Health (3)
Social Determinants of Health Research Methods (3)
Additional Courses:
(Choose at least 2 additional courses with mentor or committee guidance)

ANTH 475
Perspectives in Medical Anthropology (5)
ANTH 479
Advanced Topics in Medical Anthropology (3-5)
ANTH 575
Cultural Construction of Illness: Seminar in Medical Anthropology (5)
Categorical Data Analysis in Epidemiology (4)
CS&SS 566
Causal Modeling (4)
EPI 546
Psychiatric Epidemiology (3)
GH 514
Global Societal Determinants of Health (2-3)
Social Networks and Health: Methods and Applications (4)
Health Communication and Marketing for Health Promotion: Theory and Practice (3)
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health (4)
Survey Research Methods (4)
Assessing Outcomes in Health and Medicine (3)
Medical Geography (3)
NURS 578
Social Justice and Determinants of Health (3)
SOC 510
Seminar in Sociological Theory (3)
SOC 513
Demography and Ecology (3)
SOC 518
Social Stratification (3)
SOC 590
Foundations of Population Health and Health Disparities (1-3)
SOC WL 577
Promoting Well-Being among At-Risk Groups through Prevention Research (3)
SOC WL 591
The Embodiment of Risk, Health Disparities and Stress Mechanisms (3)