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PhD Program in Health Services

Area of Emphasis

Health Economics

Lead Faculty:   Paul Fishman

Health Economics uses economic theory and methods to answer relevant questions in health care and medicine both at the individual and group levels. The area of emphasis in Health Economics is designed to explore this theory and its applications with the goal of providing doctoral trainees with the skills needed to independently apply this knowledge to different health care settings in their work and also to conduct cutting-edge research within the field. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of subjects including economics, statistics, epidemiology, health status measurements, health services research and public policy.

Note: Make sure to check that you meet any prerequisites before registering for the courses listed below.

Prerequisite Courses (for thoses without a sufficient background in economics):

PPM 506 (preferred)
Advanced Microeconomics for Policy Analysis (4)


ECON 500
Microeconomic Analysis I (4)

Required Courses:

Health Economics (3)

Economic Evaluation in Health and Medicine (3)

Assessing Outcomes in Health and Medicine (3)

Health Policy Economics (3)

and one of the following:

ECON 450
Public Finance: Expenditure Policy (5)

ECON 518
Contract Theory (3)

ECON 534
Empirical Industrial Organization (3)

ECON 591
Microeconomics of Development (3)

ECON 592
Development Policy (3)

ECON 594
Economic Growth (3)

ECON 595
Growth and Inequality(3)