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UW Health Services Recognized for Leadership as CHOT Expands

UW Health Services Recognized for Leadership as CHOT Expands

The University of Louisville and the University of Washington have become the newest universities to join the Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT), a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center program.

The UW was a prospective CHOT site from 2015-2017, and the ASPPH 9/8 Friday Letter states: "Ranked number three in terms of research expenditures nationwide, the University of Washington has been an established home for health services research, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration as part of their institutional culture."

Dr. Bita Kash, the director of the CHOT consortium, recognized UW for our leadership in a recent statement, remarking that "CHOT depends on the expertise and leadership that the University of Washington has already been able to provide over the last two years interacting with other CHOT university sites and researchers."

Health Services faculty member Dr. Cynthia LeRouge (pictured) is the Associate Director of CHOT at UW, along with Director Christina Mastrangelo (Industrial & Systems Engineering). Health Services PhD student Ann Nguyen, MPH was the Program Coordinator from 2013-2016.

Learn more about UW CHOT here.