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School of Public Health
PhD Program in Health Services

Selection Criteria

Admission priority is given to applicants who have graduated from a master program with high academic standing. Students with only a bachelor's degree with health services research experience are occasionally admitted. Generally these students are admitted to the Master of Science Program and then to the Doctoral Program.

Applicants who have a bachelor, master, or professional degree in a field related to health services are given preference over applicants who do not have such experience. For example, candidates who have a graduate degree in fields such as Health Administration, Public Health (e.g. epidemiology, environmental health, health services), Math/Biostatistics, the Sciences (e.g. biology, genetics), the Social Sciences (e.g. psychology, sociology), Economics/Business, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Nursing are particularly competitive.

  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is recommended.
  • Applicants with research experience and publications are typically rated more highly.
  • Students admitted to the program generally have GRE scores at or above the 80th percentile.
  • International applicants must also meet the UW Graduate School English Language Proficiency Requirements.