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School of Public Health
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PhD Program in Health Services

Program Faculty

Program faculty are involved locally, nationally, and internationally in health services research and policy. They are developing and testing interventions and translating research into practice. They play an important role in improving health and shaping health care systems and policy world-wide.

By participating in myriad organizations and associations outside of the UW, members of the faculty are able to provide relevant experience and opportunities to graduate students.

Neil F. Abernethy,  PhD
Associate Professor
Public Health Informatics standards, epidemic models, and molecular epidemiology in the context of global health; scientific and social networks as they pertain to collaborative research; novel 3-D imaging displays; Environmental interventions for infectious disease; high-throughput biology; evolutionary game theory.

Dagmar Amtmann,  PhD, MA, MS
Adjunct Research Professor
Item response theory; instructional design, assistive technology, and information systems with a focus on issues related to accessibility of information technology to users with disabilities

Caleb Banta-Green,  PhD, MPH, MSW
Affiliate Associate Professor
Drug abuse epidemiology; health services research; youth substance abuse prevention; drug overdose prevention; drug treatment services research

Anirban Basu,  PhD, MS, MS
Health econometrics; cost-effectiveness; comparative effectiveness and value of information analyses; quality of life; spill-over effects; substantive focus on cancer, mental health and diabetes

Janice F. Bell,  PhD, MPH, MN
Affiliate Associate Professor

Shirley A. A. Beresford
Adjunct Professor
Nutritional epidemiology; health effects of folic acid; social epidemiology and women's health; dietary behavior intervention and obesity prevention.

Deborah J. Bowen,  PhD
Adjunct Professor
Health behavior; underserved populations; health communication

Katharine A. Bradley,  MD, MPH
Affiliate Professor
Alcoholism prevention (screening, intervention and epidemiology in primary care setting); women's health; post-traumatic stress disorder

Brian Bresnahan,  PhD
Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Radiology; health economics

Diana Buist,  PhD, MPH
Affiliate Professor
Comparative effectiveness research, cancer screening, outcomes research

Rachel Ceballos,  PhD, MS
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Biobehavioral research methods; community based participatory research; cancer health disparities; cancer survivorship in underserved populations

Gary Chan,  PhD
Associate Professor
Survival analysis and stochastic processes; epidemiological design and analysis; missing data and causal inference; nonlinear mixed models and predictions; semiparametric models

Allen D. Cheadle,  PhD
Affiliate Professor
Community-based research

Norma B. Coe,  PhD
Affiliate Associate Professor
Long-term care; disability policy; health insurance; how government programs impact health and behavior; how health/disability and the labor market are intertwined

Beverly J. Court,  PhD, MHA
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Evidence-based public policy development; Medicaid/Medicare dual eligible populations; implementation of Medicaid health reform and chronic care management for high risk/high cost Medicaid clients

Paul K. Crane,  MD, MPH
Adjunct Professor
Psychometrics and measurement theory; Alzheimer's disease and cognitive functioning

Joana Cunha-Cruz,  PhD, MPH, DDS
Research Associate Professor and Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Oral health services; Latino health

Beth Devine,  PhD, MBA, PharmD
Adjunct Associate Professor
Comparative effectiveness research; clinical research informatics; evidence synthesis; medication management; health information technology

Richard A. Deyo,  MD, MPH
Affiliate Professor
Evidence-based medicine; health status measures; technology assessment; strategies in primary care; low back problems

Dennis Donovan,  PhD, MA
Adjunct Professor
Substance use/abuse: etiology, prevention, and treatment; treatment development, cultural adaption, and service development; community-based participatory research; implementation science; global health

Peter J. Dunbar,  MBChB
Associate Professor (retired)

Bonnie M. Duran,  DrPH, MPH
Adjunct Professor
Native American mental health; community-based participatory research

Beth E. Ebel,  MD, MPH, MSc
Adjunct Professor
Injury prevention; health behaviors, health disparity research, safe and active transportation

Todd Edwards,  PhD, MA
Associate Professor
Development and validation of patient-reported measures of symptoms, function, and quality of life; integration of patient-reported measures into clinical practice, decision making, and assessment of treatment outcomes

Thomas Eng,  VMD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor
Health technology; business

Ruth B. Etzioni,  PhD, MS
Affiliate Professor
Statistical methods in cancer screening, Bayesian methods in biostatistics, design issues in clinical trials.

Paul A. Fishman,  PhD, MA, MA
Cost analysis; risk adjustment

Meredith P. Fort,  PhD, MPH
Affiliate Instructor

John Fortney,  PhD
Adjunct Professor
Access; telemedicine; implementation science; mental health; health geography; population health

Gary M. Franklin,  MD, MPH
Adjunct Research Professor
Occupational injury. Neurological epidemiology. Outcomes research.

Bianca Frogner,  PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor
Health economics; health workforce; health insurance; comparative health systems

Emmanuela Gakidou,  PhD, MSc
Adjunct Professor
Impact evaluation studies; health systems reforms; health inequalities and health of the poor; measurement of adult mortality in developing countries

Stephen S. Gloyd,  MD, MPH
Health systems research, implementation science, political economy of global health

David Grembowski,  PhD, MA
Design and performance of health care systems; prevention; technology diffusion; program evaluation; survey research

David C. Grossman,  MD, MPH
Injury control; suicide prevention; firearm injury prevention; quality improvement

Peggy Hannon,  PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Cancer prevention and control; chronic disease prevention; dissemination and implementation research; health promotion; workplace health promotion

Jeffrey R. Harris,  MD, MPH, MBA
Professor and Chair
Adult immunization; cancer screening; chronic disease; community-based prevention; health equity; health promotion; implementation science; older adults; physical activity; tobacco; workplace health

Paul L. Hebert,  PhD
Research Associate Professor
Chronic disease with elderly and minority populations; disease management; social determinants of health disparities

John Inadomi,  MD
Adjunct Professor
Mass screening; colorectal cancer; esophageal cancer; Barrett's esophagus, cost-effectiveness analysis; decision analysis

Christopher E. Johnson,  PhD
Affiliate Associate Professor
Organizational theory; healthcare quality; long-term care; veteran's care; information technology

Andrew J. Karter,  PhD, MS
Affiliate Professor
Diabetes epidemiology; social determinants of health; pharmacoepidemiology

Jodie Katon,  PhD, MS
Clinical Assistant Professor
women Veteran's health; maternal and child health; use of virtual care to enhance maternity care; multi-level determinants (individual, system-level, policy) of health and healthcare disparities

Larry Kessler,  ScD
Cost-effectiveness and diagnostic value of medical technology in screening for cancer and other diseases

Sarah Knerr,  PhD, MPH
Acting Assistant Professor
Cancer prevention and control; translational genomics; stakeholder engagement; health and health care disparities

Cynthia Ko,  MD, MS
Adjunct Associate Professor
Colorectal cancer screening and outcomes

Linda K. Ko,  PhD, MPH, MS
Associate Professor
Health communication interventions using new media; decision making in cancer screening; mediators and moderators of behavior change; cancer prevention and control; obesity prevention; health literacy and health disparity; aging and social support

Branko Kopjar,  MD, PhD, MS
Associate Professor
Prevention effectiveness; outcomes research; comparative effectiveness; neurosurgery; orthopedics, biostatistics; quality of care; clinical trials

James W. Krieger,  MD, MPH
Clinical Professor
Chronic disease prevention; healthy food policy, nutrition science; policy evaluation; asthma

Sharon Laing,  PhD, MS
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Chronic disease prevention; technology and health promotion; mobile health promotion; health disparities; cancer prevention; community health and wellness

Gwen Lapham,  PhD, MPH, MSW, BS
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Implementation and evaluation of behavioral health and substance use care in primary care; identification and treatment of unhealthy substance use disorders; assessment of medical and nonmedical cannabis use; treatment of opiate use disorders; mixed methods; pairing qualitative interviews and surveys with population-based evaluation of electronic health records

Danielle Lavallee,  PhD, PharmD
Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Keren Lehavot,  PhD, MS
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Health disparities for vulnerable populations; LGBT issues; barriers in access to care; risk factors and consequences of trauma; targeted treatments for women veterans with mental health concerns

Stephen Lim,  PhD
Adjunct Professor
quality of mortality data, health inequality, risk factor and disease burden, economic evaluation and priority setting

Bonnie K. Lind,  PhD, MS
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Quality improvement; complementary and alternative medicine; research methods

Chuan-Fen Liu,  PhD, MPH
Research Professor
Health economics; mental health; risk adjustment; outcomes research.

William Lober,  MD, MS
Adjunct Professor
Clinical informatics

Elliott Lowy,  PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Rafael Lozano,  MD
Adjunct Professor
Health needs assessment; national burden of diseases studies; design, monitoring, and evaluation of national health information systems

Gary Lyman,  MD, MPH
Adjunct Professor
Personalized cancer supportive care; comparative effectiveness and outcomes research related to biomarkers and targeted therapies; mathematical and statistical prognostic and predictive models; advanced methods of evidence synthesis in support of clinical practice guidelines; population studies of patterns of cancer treatment; impact of health disparities on cancer care delivery and outcomes

Bonnie A. McGregor,  PhD, MS
Affiliate Associate Professor
Effect of psychological interventions on distress, posttraumatic growth, nervous, endocrine, and immune system functioning among cancer patients and those at risk for cancer; psychological factors contributing to distress among women at risk for breast and ovarian cancer

Hendrika W. Meischke,  PhD, MPH
Health communication; health promotion; theory development

Ali Mokdad,  PhD
Adjunct Professor
Chronic Diseases; obesity; surveillance; survey methodology; emergency and refugee health

Leo Morales,  PhD, MPhil, MD, MPH
Adjunct Professor
Minority health and health disparities; obesity and diabetes; psychometric methods

Christopher J. Murray,  MD, DPhil
Adjunct Professor
Health metrics and evaluation; mortality analysis and causes of death; life expectancy; health disparities; burden of disease assessment; injuries and risk factors; health economics; cost-effectiveness; health program evaluations; infectious disease epidemiology

India J. Ornelas,  PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Racial and ethnic health disparities; social determinants of health; Latino and immigrant populations; theory-based interventions; cancer prevention and control; community-based participatory research

Michael Parchman,  MD, MPH
Affiliate Professor
Primary care; chronic disease; complex systems; implementation science

Donald L. Patrick,  PhD, MSPH
Outcomes in health policy and treatment effectiveness; improving end-of-life care; health behavior and health promotion; disability policy; community intervention; resource allocation

James Pfeiffer,  PhD, MPH, MA
Adjunct Professor
Medical anthropology; International health; HIV/AIDS prevention

Elizabeth Phelan,  MD, MS
Adjunct Associate Professor
Delivering effective primary care to older adults; health promotion

Alonzo L. Plough,  PhD, MA, MPH
Clinical Professor
Prevention activity; community-oriented primary care; health policy and management

Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez,  MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor
Health services research; health disparities; health literacy; vulnerable populations; community-based participatory research; health administration; human rights; epidemiology; patient safety; public health information; international health

James D. Ralston,  MD, MPH
Affiliate Associate Professor
Electronic tools to improve health

Robert J. Reid,  MD, PhD, MPH
Affiliate Associate Professor
Translation of research into practice to improve health

Jeanne M. Sears,  PhD, MS
Research Associate Professor
Occupational injury surveillance; occupational health services; workers' compensation systems; policy and program evaluation; disparities in health and health care access

Michelle D. Seelig,  MD, MS
Clinical Assistant Professor
Primary care/specialist physician collaboration; maximizing quality and efficiency of care

Clarence Spigner,  DrPH, MPH
Tobacco-related behavior; racism as a stressor; social construction of 'race' vis-a-vis biological reductionism in health research and behavior; knowledge and opinions about organ donation among ethnic groups; program evaluation; popular culture

Helene E. Starks,  PhD, MPH
Adjunct Associate Professor
End-of-life issues; qualitative research; medical decision-making; clinician-patient communication

Andy S. Stergachis,  PhD, MS
Adjunct Professor
Pharmacoepidemiology, global drug and vaccine safety, reproductive health, public health emergency preparedness and response

James W. Stout,  MD, MPH, MAT
Adjunct Professor
Pediatric asthma care; healthcare quality improvement

Sean D. Sullivan,  PhD, MS
Technology assessment; medical decision making; economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals, particularly in the areas of respiratory disorders, organ transplantation, HIV/AIDS, mental health and clinical decision making

Joan M. Teno,  MD
Adjunct Professor
Care of nursing home residents with advanced dementia; measuring quality of care for seriously ill and dying persons; ICU uses among the functionally impaired; use and quality of hospice care

Joseph Unger,  PhD, MS
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Cancer care delivery research; clinical trials; income disparities; clinical trial impact and generalizability; diffusion of new treatments

Sarah Veele,  PhD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor
Applied and translational research; underserved populations; child welfare and juvenile justice reform; evidence based programming; gender equity; racial and ethnic disproportionality; university and government collaboration

Marcia R. Weaver,  PhD, MA
Adjunct Research Professor
Cost analysis; HIV/AIDS programs

Bryan Weiner,  PhD, MA
Adoption, implementation, sustainment of innovations and evidence-based practices; management, operation, and sustainability of inter-organizational relationships; total quality management; patient safety

Karen Wernli,  PhD, MS
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Comparative effectiveness research; cancer screening and diagnostic, preventive services, methodology

Thomas M. Wickizer,  PhD, MA, MPH, MSW
Professor (retired)
Managed care costs and outcomes; occupational health; quality improvement; expenditure growth; economic outcomes of substance abuse treatment

Emily C. Williams,  PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Implementing evidence-based management of unhealthy alcohol use in medical settings; decision-making in health and health care (patient, provider, and system-level decision making); stigmatized chronic conditions (e.g., unhealthy alcohol use, HIV); social and cultural determinants of health and healthcare

Edwin Wong,  PhD, MA
Research Assistant Professor
Health economics; applied microeconometrics; impact of policy interventions on veterans' healthcare; comparative effectiveness research; cost-effectiveness analysis

Suzanne Wood,  PhD, MS
Assistant Professor
International business and strategy; strategic management; management theory and practice; action research; qualitative analyses; program and process evaluation

Bessie Young Mielcarek,  MD, MPH
Adjunct Professor
Health disparities; racial and ethnic differences in kidney disease, diabetes, and transplantation

Steven Zeliadt,  PhD, MPH
Research Associate Professor
Decision-making and quality of life in prostate cancer treatment; cancer screening; costs of health care interventions; evaluation of informed decision making strategies; comparative effectiveness using large databases; quality of life assessment among cancer survivors; decision modeling; assessment of health care costs

Chuan Zhou,  PhD, MS, MS
Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Health services research; causal inference; missing data; Bayesian inference

Brenda K. Zierler,  PhD
Adjunct Professor
The influence of care delivery systems on patient outcomes; clinical effectiveness