How to Read Your Reservation Confirmation

Your request is not confirmed until you receive a reservation confirmation at the email address that linked to your roomQ account.

Once you have received your reservation confirmation, please take a moment to review the important information that you are accountable for.


Things to Know:


  • Event Reference Number: This unique sequence of numbers and letters is linked to directly to your reservation and is important to know if you contact our office with any cancellation, questions, or changes. For example, 2011-ABAJII.
  • Billing Information: Any billing information (budget number, billing address, etc.) will appear underneath the Meeting Title/Descriptions heading above your event details. Any additional comments about the reservation are also stored here.
  • Room Rental (RR) and/or Install (INST, INSP) Charges: Any charges associated with your reservation will be listed under the “Comments” section.


Other Items to Look For:


  • Room Assignment: Double check your reservation confirmation for your room assignment. Contact our office if you have any questions or do not have a room assigned.
  • Additional Policies: Carefully review the policies listed below the event details. It will contain important information that you may need for your event, such has after-hours exterior door unlocks, Banquet Permit information, etc.
Still confused about your confirmation?
Please view the Sample Reservation Confirmation (pdf) for further clarification.