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Places to Study at the South Campus Center

Room # Type Capacity Room Features & Equipment Click thumbnail for image(s)
SCC 311A Study Room 8 No AV in room. SCC 311A Study Room
SCC 311D Study Room 11 No AV in room. SCC 311D Study Room
SCC Cubicles Cubicle 2 Eight study cubicles are located on the southwest hallway on the third floor.
No AV in spaces.
SCC Cubicle


  • The study spaces at the South Campus Center are free to use on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • These rooms have a wireless internet connection however you may need a valid UW Net ID to access the network.
  • You are welcome to study in the various SCC 3rd floor lobbies, Portage Bay area, and SCC Terrace. However, if the space has been reserved for a departmental event, you may be asked to leave the area.