General Information for Reservations

Reserving lab space

HSRR reserves a few lab spaces in the Health Sciences building. Please refer to the room matrix for space details. If applicable to your event, please review and abide the Wound Closure Procedures (doc).

If necessary, keys to lab spaces can be picked up from Classroom Services in T291A during business hours, M-F 8am-5pm.

Contact the Laboratory Services Manager, Christine Aker, at 206- 616-3260 or with any further questions regarding labs.


Reservation Charges

The charges associated with room reservations and event support vary with every groups’ unique needs, which is why our rates and charges are not posted online. Please contact the appropriate office if you have any questions about charges for the following:

Health Sciences Room Reservations: all room reservation charges, event support/equipment rental charges at SCC
Classroom Services: event support/equipment rental charges at HSB, Foege, UWMC

Health Sciences Room Reservations has transitioned to hourly rates in all Special Event Spaces, per customer feedback. We will no longer be charging a flat rate for reservations made in these spaces. There will be a minimum 2 hour charge for all reservations, and a maximum 4 hour charge.

The charge per hour for the special event space you reserve will appear on your R25 confirmation. If your event is 2 hours or less multiply the hourly rate by 2, if your event is greater than 2 hours and less than or equal to 3 hours multiply the rate by 3, and for any event longer than 3 hours multiply the listed rate by 4.

For a list of our special event spaces please refer to the room matrix.

Old rates still apply for all confirmed special event reservations made before 11/16/12. New rates pertain to reservations that are made on or after 11/16/12.


Additional Cleaning/Room Reset Fees

When you provide Health Sciences Room Reservations with your budget number, you are giving our office the consent to add any additional cleaning and room reset fees we find applicable without confirmation from your group. We believe this policy will allow for the most efficient event support and customer service to our customers. Our policies on room set-up and special event containers can be found here.


Suspended Operations Policy

If inclement weather forces the University of Washington to suspend all operations, any events or meetings scheduled on the day(s) of the closure will be cancelled, along with any associated charges.