Middle Eastern Societies

Country Name Contact Person,
First Name
Contact Person,
Last Name
E-mail Address, Line 1 Address, Line 2 City State/Province Postal Code
EGYPT Egyptian Society for History of Science Mahmoud  Hafez Faculty of Science, Entomology Dept. Cairo University Giza
EGYPT Egyptian Society for the History of Medicine Paul  Ghaliongy 18 Gezira St. Cairo
ISRAEL International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC) Yehuda Elkana Tel Aviv University Ramat-Aviv 69-987 Tel Aviv
ISRAEL Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Meir Zadok Einstein Square POB 4040 Jerusalem 91040
SYRIA Institute for History of Arabic Science Ahmad Yousif al-Hassan University of Aleppo Aleppo
TURKEY Ataturk Kultur Merkezi Aydin  Sayili 217 Ataturk Bulvari Ankara
TURKEY History of Medicine Society None Medical Faculty Istanbul University Istanbul
TURKEY Society for the History of Science, Turkey Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu Barbaros Bulvari, Yildiz sarayi Seyir Kosku, PO Box 218, Besiktas Istanbul

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