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To all members of the History of Science Society:

Work on the Current Bibliography has run into major unforeseen difficulties, and we need the help and patience of all HSS members while we get it back on track. We are mounting an open search for a new Bibliographer, and we are looking for CB contributors both new and old.

If you have supplied materials to the CB since October 1998, or if you would like to provide entries for a particular subdiscipline or medium, please get in touch with Marilyn Ogilvie, Curator, History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma,, 405--325-2741.

On August 31, 2001, the Society's Bibliographer, Stephen Wagner (Department of Philosophy, University of Oklahoma), resigned his position. The University of Oklahoma, the HSS Committee on Publications and members of the Department of the History of Science at OU are working together closely to find a new Bibliographer and to set the CB's production on a firmer foundation.

We have appended to this message the announcement of the joint History of Science Society and University of Oklahoma search for the new Bibliographer. The successful candidate for this full-time position will divide time between the production of the Current Bibliography and faculty responsibilities in the Department of the History of Science at the University of Oklahoma. The new position presents an excellent opportunity for a suitably trained historian of science who wants to serve the discipline, teach undergraduate and graduate students, and participate in the programs of a growing department.

This announcement can be accessed here, and will appear in the University of Oklahoma job listings, the University of Chicago Isis website, the HSS Newsletter, and appropriate listserves. Please circulate and cross-post the announcement, nominate suitable candidates, and urge people to apply as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it is impossible at this time to say anything precise about when the next CB will appear or what its scope will be. The Society and the Department of the History of Science expect to appoint an interim bibliographer to continue work while the search proceeds.

Please be assured that, with your assistance, the Society and the Department of the History of Science will do everything possible to restore the Current Bibliography to its place as a vital reference in our discipline.

Yours sincerely,

Ronald Numbers
President, History of Science Society

Margaret Rossiter
Editor, History of Science Society

Karen Reeds
Chair, History of Science Society Committee on Publications

Steven Livesey Chair, Department of the History of Science, University of Oklahoma

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