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  • Medicine and Society, a survey of the history of medicine for a general education audience, by William Eamon. (http://www.nmsu.edu/~honors/hist304.html)

  • God and Nature , an honors course for lower-division students, by William Eamon. (http://www.nmsu.edu/~honors/hon224g.html)

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The twentieth century has sometimes been called the century of technology, but in fact technology has been a central transformative force in history not just in the 20th century but in the last millennium (in a way that is different from the role of technology in history before that time). The goal of this class is to use the coming of the millennium as a structure to look back on the impact of technology on our lives and our world. The course will examine key steps in the development of modern technology during the last millennium, and also read critics of technology not just today but in previous centuries. The goal is to put optimistic and pessimistic predictions for the role of technology in the next millennium into a historical and cultural context.

  • MendelWeb 97.1

  • Roger B. Blumberg

  • HSCI 3013: History of Science to the Age of Newton

  • Professor Katherine Pandora
    History of Science
    University of Oklahoma

    This site is an example of first efforts to use FrontPage to construct a Web site. The aim was in using weblinks to customize and amplify the course material, and to offer students a different format (from reading, lecture, and discussion) to explore aspects of the course topics.

  • HPSC 109: History of Science

  • Dr Andrew Gregory
    Science and Technology Studies
    University College London

    This site includes a syllabus for a first year undergraduate survey course for history of science, covering ancient science to the industrial revolution. Offering a contrast to May's SOTM, this site offers the simplest of designs, intended for quick downloads and the efficient transfer of information to students. Its strategy of not doing everything offers a model for those creating Web pages on their own and without additional funds.

  • Netscape Users:  History of Science, Origins to Newton
    Internet Explorer Users:  History of Science, Origins to Newton

  • Professor Robert A. Hatch
    Department of History
    University of Florida

    This site includes a syllabus for the History of Science, Origins to Newton. It contains links (by means of a Navigation Bar) to on-site primary and secondary readings (using animated gifs and 2D & 3D Shockwave movies) as well as Teaching Resourses (for assistance in Reading, Writing, Studying, Note-Taking, and writing and preparing In-Class & Take-Home Essay Exams).

  • History of Science 3333H: 20thC Science and Technology

  • Professor Sally Gregory Kohlstedt
    Program in History of Science and Technology
    University of Minnesota

    This site, designed with Microsoft FrontPage, includes the syllabus, links to other pages, and on-line assignments. The latter teaches students to "read" images and information found on the internet, delivers content to supplement class lectures, and includes quizzes that can be sent to the instructor by e-mail.

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