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Brief History

The HSS Web Site began in the summer of 1995 as a collaborative effort between the HSS Executive Office at the University of Washington and graduate students at the University of Minnesota. In addition to general information on HSS, the site featured the Society's first on-line program for the HSS Annual Meeting, held in Minneapolis. Since then, the University of Washington has continued to provide server space. The site itself is maintained by the Executive Office and volunteers.

WWW Editorial Policy

The following are rough guidelines for a few of the pages.

Academic Programs:
We will implement links to any department, program, or academic unit which has the capacity to grant degrees in or relating to the history of science. This is usually interpreted broadly to include multi-disciplinary programs that focus on science. Programs that do not have web pages may be listed (without a web link) upon request.

Employment, Fellowships and Prizes:
All job, fellowship, and prize postings must be submitted to the HSS Executive Office. The Executive Office will decide whether the information is appropriate to HSS and edit as necessary. Only then will the information be posted to the web site.

Research and Funding Tools:
Links must meet the following criteria: they must serve a useful function for the society‚s members; they should be scholarly resources; and they should not be ephemeral. In addition, preference is given to sites that are centers of information on the web for a specific topic or field. The HSS site is not meant to be an exhaustive directory for all science and history of science resources, but it should point users to appropriate indexes.

Contributions and suggestions can be made by submitting links, information, and pages to the Web Editor or Executive Office.

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