Arts, Sciences and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Manchester

A one-day interdisciplinary conference on the history and development of the arts and sciences in the first industrial city.

Saturday, 3 November 2001 at John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Deansgate, Manchester

To register (UKP 10) please visit http://www.art.man.ac.uk/arthist/patron_conf/CONFER~1.HTM

This conference will bring together leading Manchester historians, sociologists, geographers and museum and library professionals offering different aspects of the city's nineteenth-century cultural and educational development. It will be of interest to students of culture, class-formation, education and identity, together with all those with a general interest in Manchester's local history.


10.15-10.45: Alan Kidd - Opening address

10.45-12.15: Progress, Knowledge and the Public

Michael Bush - 'The Subversive Reach of Richard Carlile: Republicanism, Atheism, the Vegetable Diet, Teetotalism and Sexual Satisfaction in early Nineteenth-Century Manchester - and his Plan to Cultivate High Foreheads for All'
Sam Alberti - 'The Ballad of Old Billy: Natural History Collections in Manchester'
Martin Brown - 'Progress and Danger: The Manchester Model of Industrialism as Viewed from mid Nineteenth-Century Italy'

1.15-2.45: High Culture and Civic Identity

James Moore and Dongho Chun - 'Patronage of the Visual Arts and the Formation of Art Institutions in the North West of England 1770-1900'
Ron Greenall - 'Art, Culture and Borough-Making in Victorian Salford: The Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery in Peel Park, 1844-1890'
Stella Butler and John Hodgson - 'Aristocrats, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropy in Late Victorian Manchester: The Creation of the John Rylands Library'

3.15-4.45: Popular Knowledge and Social Improvement

Michael Rose - 'Artists in Ancoats: The Art Museum, The Brotherhood, and the Settlement, 1877-1918'
David Riley - 'The People, Science Lectures and Owens College, 1866-1879'
David Barnaby - 'Elephants at Belle Vue'

5.00-5.30: Simon Gunn - 'Summing Up: Culture in Nineteenth-Century Manchester'

For more details, including registration information, see http://www.art.man.ac.uk/arthist/patron_conf/CONFER~1.HTM

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