CALL FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE EDELSTEIN AWARD The Division of the History of Chemistry (HIST) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) solicits nominations for the 2002 Sidney M. Edelstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the History of Chemistry. This recently established award honors the memory of the late Sidney M. Edelstein, who established the Dexter Award in 1956, and it also continues the outstanding tradition of the Dexter Award, which came to an end with its posthumous presentation to Dr. William A. Smeaton in 2001.

The Edelstein Award is sponsored by Ruth Edelstein Barish and Family and is administered by HIST. In recognition of receiving the Edelstein Award, the winner is presented with an engraved plaque and the sum of $3500, usually at a symposium honoring the winner at the Fall National Meeting of the ACS, which for 2002 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, August 18-22.

The award is international in scope, and nominations are welcome from anywhere in the world. Previous winners of the Dexter Award have included chemists and historians from the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, and Great Britain. Nominations should consist of a complete curriculum vitae for the nominee, including biographical data, educational background, awards, honors, publications, presentations, and other services to the profession; a nominating letter summarizing the nominee’s achievements in the field of the history of chemistry and citing unique contributions that merit a major award; and at least two seconding letters. Copies of no more than three publications may also be included if they are available.

All nominations should be sent in triplicate to

Prof. Seymour Mauskopf,
Chair of the Edelstein Award Committee,
Department of History, Duke University,
Durham, NC 27707
e-mail:, by 31 January 2002.

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