Annenberg/CPB Education Programming:

New Science Education Program

Beginning October 10 the Annenberg/CPB Channel presents SCIENCE IN FOCUS: FORCE AND MOTION, a NEW science content workshop for K-8 teachers, produced by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Explore science concepts in force and motion and come away with a deeper understanding that will help you engage your students in their own explorations. With science and education experts as your guides, learn more about gravity, friction, air resistance, magnetism, and tension through activities, discussions, and demonstrations. Extensive footage shot in real classrooms shows students learning and building on ideas as they explore the relationships among motion, force, size, mass, and speed. As you watch the students develop understanding through activities that connect science concepts to real-world phenomena, you will be asked to think about your own ideas on force and motion and compare them to what you observe. Individual workshop program titles and Annenberg/CPB Channel broadcast dates and complete program descriptions are available at

New Series Features Evelynn Hammonds

"Primary Sources: Workshops in American History" - a NEW 8-part workshop for high school history teachers, produced by WBGH Boston. Beginning October 11, 2001, this workshop provides an opportunity for high school history teachers to explore the use of primary-source documents in the research and interpretation of American history. The programs feature informal lectures by prominent historians on pivotal events from the settlement of Jamestown to the Korean conflict and the Cold War. Teachers are led in discussions, debates, interviews, and role-playing as they investigate the original documents that "transmit the voices of America's past." Of special note will be presentations by HSS member Evelynn Hammonds, who will discuss the census and disease and history. Teachers will find that the activities in this workshop can be adapted and used in their own classrooms. Topics relate to programs from Annenberg/CPB's instructional series, "A Biography of America" which premiered on the Annenberg/CPB Channel and on PBS this past school year. Programs will be broadcast in coordination with the workshop. Complete program descriptions are available at

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