Call for Papers:
The Art of Medicine and the Social Arts

Convivium, The Siena Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, is soliciting abstracts by September 15, 2001 for the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo 2002, on the following topic: The Art of Medicine and the Social Arts.

Abstracts are invited that explore relationships between medicine, science, and social class in the medieval and early modern periods. Thus papers might address the relationship between visual and literary depictions of illness or of the health practitioner; philosophical understandings of the body, health, or disease as taught in the schools; or social attitudes about the art of medicine as revealed in a variety of sources. Cross-disciplinary papers are encouraged.

Reading time for papers should be no more than twenty minutes. According to rules established by the Congress, those submitting abstracts for one session may not submit abstracts for other sessions in the same year. Because Kalamazoo has traditionally encouraged experiment, preliminary exploration, and discussion, papers submitted should not have been read elsewhere nor be scheduled for publication in the near future. Please include any requests for A-V equipment, together with an assurance that you will be present at the conference to read your paper in person. Please include your e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, and snail mail addresses for your home and office (or include the yellow "Abstract Cover Sheet" provided in the Kalamazoo Call for Papers packet if one is available to you). Please send abstracts either by e-mail or by snail mail to:

Kate Forhan Ph.D.
Director, Convivium
Siena College
515 Loudon Rd
Loudonville NY 12211-1462

(posted 8/23/01)

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