Society for the Social History of Medicine Announces Winners

The Society for the Social History of Medicine (SSHM) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2000 Prize Essay Competitions.

The millennium essay competition winner is Christian Bonah for his paper '"Experimental Rage", the Development of Medical Ethics and the Genesis of Scientific Facts. Ludwig Fleck: An Answer to the Crisis of Modern Medicine in Interwar Germany?'

The winner of the student essay competition is Lisa Smith for her paper 'Reassessing the Role of the Family: Women's Healthcare in Eighteenth-century England.'

Both these essays will be published in Social History of Medicine in 2002. The deadline for this year's essay competitions is December 31, 2001. The 2001 Essay Competition is for post-doctoral scholars and faculty who acquired their Ph.D. (or equivalent qualification) after December 31, 1995. The 2001 Student Essay Competition is for undergraduate or postgraduate students in part-time or full-time education. Further details are available on the Society's website or from the SSHM's membership secretary:

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