The DIAGNOSER Project web site ( contains a variety of diagnostic instructional tools for middle and high school teachers and students. These tools, detailed below, are aligned with Washington State's Essential Academic Learning Requirements in science and mathematics.

Available Tools

DIAGNOSER: This interactive web-based program provides formative assessments of student thinking (e.g., assessments to inform instruction rather than assign scores.). Students receive feedback as they work through their assignment. Teachers can view reports that detail facets of their students' thinking about the assigned topic.

Elicitation Questions: These pencil and paper questions paired with teacher guided class discussions at the beginning of a unit or subunit are designed to initiate student inquiry into the topic.

Developmental Lessons: Designed to follow the elicitation questions, these lessons open up the ideas elicited in the class discussion and help students test their initial ideas.

Prescriptive Activities: After DIAGNOSER identifies the facets of student thinking, teachers can use these activities to target specific problematic ideas.

How to use the DIAGNOSER Project tools

The first step is to register as a teacher. Go to Select "Teacher Login" and then click the link to register. If you are viewing the site as a visitor, please use the name "Huntlab" for the district and school name fields on the registration page. Once you have filled out all the fields, press submit, you will be given a teacher ID. This is what you will use to login to the Teacher's Guide in the future, so remember your ID and password.

Next you'll want to tour the site. After logging on as a teacher, you will find yourself on the Teacher's Home Page. From here you can examine the available sets of questions, assign DIAGNOSER to your students and view reports on your students' thinking. From the Teacher's Home page you will also find more complete instructions on how to navigate the DIAGNOSER Project web site and how to use the instructional tools. Every page in the Teacher's Guide material provides a link at the top of the page so you can quickly get back to the Teacher's Home page.

Technical considerations

For PC users:

For MAC users:

How to contact us

Please feel free to contact the DIAGNOSER Project staff at any time. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We would also love to hear your comments. You may e-mail us at


Funding for the DIAGNOSER Project is through grants from the National Science Foundation [REC 9906098 and REPP9972999] and from the Hewlett Packard Foundation. The materials and ideas created are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the foundations.