Welcome to i-AMT


The Institute of Advanced Materials and Technology (i-AMT) was established in 2006 to function as a catalyst for excellence in materials research. The Institute facilitates integrated interdisciplinary research in an agile and coordinated manner. It strives to provide a framework to enhance the impact of cross-cutting UW materials science programs through fundamental research and technology transfer that can generate jobs and economic growth. i-AMT endeavers to leverage federally funded research by forming collaborations with academic, business, industry and government partners in areas of national interest to address global challenges in areas such as information technology, biotechnology, new energy sources, and nanotechnology.


The i-AMT aims provide leadership in the Northwest region to foster excellence in materials research by facilitating the work of researchers so as to achieve sustainable solutions to major problems facing society. The Institute focuses on selected research areas including photonics, electronics, and magnetic materials; materials for energy generation and storage; biomaterials for the bio-nano interface; and multifunctional composites. The mission includes the following:

1. To work at the intellectual frontiers, and to achieve excellence, in materials research.

2. To create synergy between researchers working in all areas of materials research on campus.

3. To enhance UW materials research through better integration of fundamental research and technology transfer.

4. To nurture entrepreneurial aspirations of researchers and encourage them to be imaginative in translating discoveries into products for the marketplace.

5. To serve as a broker between the academic and business community to translate research discoveries into practical commercial products.

6. To establish a shared core instrumentation and service facility that propels UW materials science and technology transfer to a recognized leadership position.