SIF-I: Inert Atmosphere Fabrication and Testing System for Organic Devices
Location: Bagley 453 

This system comrises one 4-port and one 2-port nitrogen gloveboxes.  The 4-port glovebox is equipped for device fabrication with a spin coater and a metal/organic vapor deposition system, while the 2-port glovebox is fitted with electrical feedthroughs for customizable device testing.  The two gloveboxes are connected via a large pass-through chamber allowing users to fabricate and test devices such as LEDs, solar cells and thin-film transistors completely under controlled atmosphere, thereby improving their performance, durability, and repeatability.

Specifications of individual components:

  1. 4-port glovebox (MBraun), N2 atmosphere (<1 ppm O2 and H2O)
     a. Spin-coater (Laurell Technologies, Model WS-400B-6NPP-LITE): 8.5" diameter bowl-shaped process chamber that accommodates up to 6" diameter or 4" X 4" square substrates.
     b. Thermal evaporator (Angstrom Engineering, AMod Series): Vacuum: < 9 x 10-8 torr base pressure with cryogenic pumping; Three quartz crystal sensors to monitor film thickness, deposition rate; 6 resistive sources with programmable co-depositions controlled by Sigma Instruments SQS-242 Co-deposition Control Software (Windows GUI).
  2. 2-port glovebox (MBraun), N2 atmosphere (<1 ppm O2 and H2O), BNC electrical feedthroughs, Weighing balance (51 gm max, +/- 0.1 mg).

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Dr. Abhishek Kulkarni
Department of Chemistry
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