Clean, Low-cost Energy through Advanced Nanomaterials (CLEAN) Initiative, has launched its web site.  CLEAN, a new University of Washington based inintiative which promotes better energy solutions through research and commericial implementation of nanophotonics and nanomaterials based technologies. As a partner, i-AMT is working closely with CLEAN to strategize and implement its objectives.  Read more...

i-AMT Welcomes Prof. Amy Shen
i-AMT welcomes Prof. Amy Shen of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Prior to joining University of Washington in September 2008, Prof. Shen did her post-graduate work in complex fluids in Harvard University then became an assistant professor in Washington University in St. Louis. Prof. Shen's current research concerns with manipulating complex fluids or "soft" materials such as liquid crystals, polymeric liquids, surfactants, and vesicles, to create material systems or devices with unique morphologies and structures for applications in nanotechnology, biotechnology, microelectronics, and energy.  Prof. Shen's research is highly interdisplinary and collaborative, and we are looking forward to working with her.  Prof. Shen will be a contributing member in Research Thrusts of Energy Materials and Biomaterials/Bionanotechnology.  (More information about Prof. Amy Shen)

i-AMT Welcomes Prof. Junlan Wang
i-AMT welcomes Prof. Junlan Wang as a faculty member of the Institute. Prof. Wang joined the UW Mechanical Engineering Department in December 2008 as an Associate Professor from UC Riverside where she served at the same capacity until her departure.  Prof. Wang's research focuses on mechanics of complex material systems.  She is especially interested in developing novel experimental techniques complemented by numerical and analytical approaches to study the mechanics and physics of materials and structures at small spatial and temporal scales.  We are looking forward to work with Prof. Wang on the i-AMT's Research Thrusts of Biomaterials / Bionanotechnology, Energy Materials, and Multifunctional Composites. (More information about Prof. Junlan Wang)

Harnessing Optical Forces!
The UW team of Michael Hochberg and Thomas Baehr-Jones (EE & i-AMT members) and their collaborators led by Hong Tang at Yale University published an article entitled "Harnessing optical forces in integrated photonic circuits" in the Nov 27, 2008 issue of Nature. In this publication, the authors demonstrated direct detection of the optical force in an integrated silicon photonic circuit, and established that this force could be used to drive nanoscale mechanical devices with the same efficiency as those commonly driven by electrical-based actuation forces. This work was heralded as a major milestone in the field of photonics by the journal editors and has been featured in other popular science magazines as well as the Seattle PI.
Read the full Nature article: Link
Feature articles in: Seattle PI, Scientific American, and New Scientist

Organic Photovoltaics Project: an Intel Research Seattle / i-AMT Faculty Collaboration
Intel Research Seattle and faculty members of i-AMT are collaborating on a project to improve the efficiency and stability of organic photovoltaics (OPVs).  Combining their expertise in materials design, synthesis, processing, interface engineering and device fabrication, the team of Alex Jen, Director of i-AMT, Guozhong Cao, Associate Leader of i-AMT's Energy Thrust, and Christine Luscombe are working with Intel Research Seattle to develop the next generation hybrid organic/inorganic solar cells.  The goal with the new hybrid solar cells is to achieve 10% efficiency and a seven-year lifespan.
Read more: MSE news 
Read more: Intel Research Seattle's Web Site


Prof. Michael Hochberg has been named on of the winners of Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers

Prof. Alex Jen: Named Fellow of American Chemical Society's Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering Division

Prof. Buddy Ratner: Named one of the "One Hundred Chemical Engineers of the Modern Era" by AIChE

Prof. Rajendra Bordia: Humbolt Research Award

Prof. David Ginger: ACS Unilever Award at Aolloid and Surface Science Symposium

Prof. Christine Luscombe: Young Faculty Award from DARPA

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