Thrust 4: Multifunctional Composite

Rajendra Bordia (Materials Sci & Eng, Thrust Leader)

Mark Tuttle (Mechanical Engineering, Thrust Leader)

Kuen Lin (Aeronautics & Astronautics, Associate Thrust Leader)

The Institute of Advanced Materials and Technology (i-AMT) effort in multifunctional smart composites focuses on processing, characterizing and optimizing new materials and material systems for use in advanced lightweight structures.  These material systems represent transformative technologies for next generation transportation systems, energy systems, and biomedical devices. In this thrust area scientists and engineers representing university, governmental, and industrial research labs are collaborating on a broad range of fundamental issues and potential applications of these materials. Research is being conducted in all classes of composite materials (polymeric-, ceramic-, and metal-matrix).

Currently, i-AMT participants are leading two major research centers: a FAA-funded Center of Excellence titled the Center on Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS); and the Center for Intelligent Materials and Systems , which includes an AFOSR-funded MURI on Energy Harvesting Materials.

The expertise of faculty members contributing to this thrust is in the following areas:

1.  Processing and Characterization (Bordia, Brush, Cao, Chung, Flinn, Kumar, J. Li, W. Li, Ohuchi, Taya)

2.  Mechanics and Properties (Bordia, Flinn, Mayer, Taya, Tuttle)

3.  Structural Analysis; Design and Optimization of Structures (K Lin, Tuttle, Feraboli, Livne)

The University of Washington is internationally recognized for its pioneering efforts in the area of multifunctional smart composites.  Institute investigators have strong federally-funded programs supported by NSF, DARPA, DOE, FAA, and ONR, AFOSR, close ties with companies such as Boeing, Toray, Hexcel, Cytek, (see list and links on AMTAS and CIMS websites).  This thrust involves research from the departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. 

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