Thrust 3: Energy Materials

Samson Jenekhe (Chemical Engineering, Thrust Leader)

Guozhong Cao (Materials Science & Engineering, Assoicate Thrust Leader)

Providing alternative energy resources is one of the most important technological challenges facing society today. Energy production, transport, and storage are vital necessities of the modern global economy. How we choose to provide these necessities impacts the global environment and human health. The energy thrust at i-AMT focuses on materials for the production, transport and storage of energy ranging from biofuels to batteries and fuel cells to supercapacitors.  Currently, i-AMT leads two federally funded research programs, a DoE funded Solar Energy Initiative and an NSF funded IGERT Program on Bioresorce-Based Energy for Sustainable Societies.  In addition, some of the research projects involved in the i-AMT energy thrust include:

1.    1.  Solid State Lighting (Dalton, Jen)

2.    2. Thermoelectric Materials (Luscombe, Ohuchi)

3.    3. Nanostructured Electrodes for Efficient Lithium Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors (Cao)

4.    4. Fuel Cells Materials (Adler, Bordia, Cao, Stuve

5.    5. Bioenergy (Schwartz); Associated grant: Bioresource-Based Energy for Sustainable Societies, IGERT, NSF.

6.     6. Conjugated polymers (plastic semiconductors) and devices for low-cost photovoltaics (see also Photonics/Optoelectronics Thrust)  (Ginger, Jen , Jenekhe, Luscombe)

7     7. Self-assembly and interface engineering for high performance organic devices for energy applications (Cao, Dunham, Gamelin, Ginger, JenLuscombe, Ma, Ohuchi); Associated grant: Solar America Initiative, DOE (see also Fall 2008 Newsletter in New & Events).

      Significant synergy exists between i-AMT's Energy and Photonics/Optoelectronics Thrusts, particularly in the areas of photovoltaics and solid state lighting.  The Institute is also working closely with the industry sector (Intel and Lumera) to bring innovative alternative energy technologies to the commercial arena, thus benefiting the Society.

      Related UW Research Centers and Programs:

      Bioresource-Based Energy for Sustainable Societies (An NSF IGERT Program)

      Materials & Devices for Information Technology Research (MDITR STC)