Nanotechnology and Physical Sciences Training Program in Cancer Research


The training program accepts applications twice a year from graduate students and postdoctoral/MD fellows working in the research groups of the participating faculty.  The application deadline for the next proposal round is July 15, 2013. Awardees will be selected based on the applicant's proposed research, expertise and past achievements. Renewal applications for an additional one-year support will be considered together with new applications. The maximum duration of support for a trainee is two years. No more than two applications each year will be accepted from the research group of any one faculty member.

Eligibility and Prerequisite:
1. Applicants must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents at the time when fellowships are awarded.

2. Each trainee will be co-mentored by a minimum of two participating faculty members, one from Team 1 (Nanotechnology, Engineering and the Physical Sciences) and one from Team 2 (Translational and Clinical Oncology). The primary mentor may be from either team.

3. Predoctoral trainees will have completed, by the start of the award period, their second year of graduate study and passed their preliminary exams toward the completion of a doctoral degree from one of the participating departments at the UW or FHCRC, and have been working with one of two proposed faculty mentors in cancer and nanotechnology related research for at least one year and demonstrated exceptional potential for research and academic excellency. The predoctoral fellowships are targeted to support students' dissertation research.

4. Postdoctoral trainees must hold a doctoral degree in engineering, physics, chemistry, radiology, oncology or a related field, and have worked with a participating faculty mentor for at least one year (at either predoctoral or postdoctoral level) in cancer and nanotechnology/physical science related research.

5. Post MD trainees must hold an MD in Medicine (Adult or Pediatric Oncology), Radiology, Neurosurgery, or a related field. Successful applicants will have already completed residency training and will be in the laboratory research portion of the fellowship training. This program will not support clinical training and recipients will require a letter from their division head stating that at least 75% of their time will be committed to research during the award period (maximum 25% clinical effort).

Evaluation of an application will base on:
1.  Relevance of applicant's proposal to applying nano-science/-technology or physical sciences to cancer diagnosis and treatment.
2.  Impact of the proposed research to cancer research.
3.  Ability of the trainee to perform research.

Download application form

Please send completed application to:
Hanson Fong, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
Institute of Advanced Materials & Technology
University of Washington
Benjamin Hall IRB
616 NE Northlake Pl, Suite 610A, Box 355016
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-685-1053
Fax: 206-543-3100

Next Application Due Date:

July 15, 2013