Nanotechnology and Physical Sciences Training Program in Cancer Research

Training Faculty

Team 1: Nanotechnology, Engineering and the Physical Sciences



Research Interests


Francois Baneyx

UW Center for Nanotechnology, Chemical Eng, Bioengineering

Genetics, regulation and structure-function relationship of molcular chaperrones; protein (mis)folding and diseases

Daniel T Chiu


Cell probing, micro- and nano- fluidics

Larry Dalton

Chemistry, Sci & Tech Ctr on Materials & Devices for Info Tech Res (STC-MDITR)

Sensors and devices for early and low cost cancer detection

Xiaohu Gao


Nanoparticles for early cancer detection/therapeutics, molecular fingerprinting of tumors

Alex Jen

Materials Sci & Eng, Chemistry, STC-MDITR, Institute of Adv Materials & Tech (i-AMT)

Conjugated molecules for bio- and chemo-sensors and cancer target/treatment

Shaoyi Jiang

Chemical Eng, Bioengineering

Molecular design of biofouling materials, molecular eng of surfaces for sensing and detection

Matt O'Donnell

Bioengineering, College of Engineering (Dean)

Ultrasonic imaging

Fumio S. Ohuchi

Materials Sci & Eng

Physical & chemical properties of material interfaces, combinatorial materials research

Marjorie Olmstead


Inorganic heterostructures/nanostructures

Suzie Pun


Synthetic systems for gene and drug delivery

Buddy Ratner

Bioengineering, Chemical Eng, UW Engineered biomaterials (UWEB)

Biomaterials for enhanced healing and biological integration, materials/proteins/cells interactions and the nanoscale, nanoparticles

Mehmet Sarikaya

Materials Sci & Eng, Chemical Eng, Physics, Genetically Engineered Materials Sci & Eng Ctr (GEMSEC)

Molecular biomimetics, bifunctional peptides, nanoparticle synthesis via peptides

Daniel Schwartz

Chemical Eng

Materials design and development through electrochemistry

Eric Stuve

Chemical Eng, Chemistry

Electrochemcial surface science, fuel cell, ultra-small and high-performance power supplies integratable to ultra-small drug screening devices

Paul Yager

Bioengineering, Chemistry, Chemical Eng, Oral Biology, Global Health

microfluidics, low-cost point-of-care disease diagnosis systems

Miqin Zhang (Director)

Materials Sci & Eng, Radiology, Neurological Surgery, Orthopedics & Sports medicine

Biomaterials & biodevice for cancer diagnosis and therapy

Team 2: Translational and Clinical Oncology



Research Interests


Norman Beauchamp


MRI technology for disease detection

Irwin Bernstein

FHCRC-Clinical Research Division, FHCRC-Pediatric Oncology, Pediatrics

Therapeutic modalities for hematopoiesis

Mary (Nora) Disis

FHCRC-Clinical Research Division, Medicine, Oncology, UW General Clinical Res Ctr, UW Ctr for Translational Medicine in Wonmen's Health, UW Inst for Translational Health Sci, UW Translational Sci

Vaccines and novel immunologic therapies for breast and ovarian cancers

Janet Eary


Molecular imaging at basic, translational and clinical levels

Richard Ellenbogen

Neurological Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Harborview Med Ctr

Targeted molecular therapy of brain tumors\

William Grady

FHCRC-Clinical Research Division, Medicine, Gastroenterology

Therapeutics for gastrointestinal cancer

Philip Greenberg

FHCRC-Clinical Research Division,

Immunobiology of malignancies; genetic modification of T cells; Immunobiology of HIV

Sunil Hingorani FHCRC-Clinical Research Division, Medicine Animal models for pathologic & therapeutic studies of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Martin McIntosh FHCRC-Public Health Sciences, Molecular Diagnostics Program Computational tools and analytic methods to find biological markers for early cancer detection
Satoshi Minoshima Radiology Molecular Imaging technology (MRI, PET, and Optical) for in vivo animal and human applications in neurological disorders and cancer

Richard Morrison

Neurological Surgery

Molecular biology of neuronal cell death and glial tumorigenesis

Peter Nelson

Pathology, Genome Sciences, FHCRC

Therapeutics, including 'bench-to-beside' approach,  for prostate cancer

Jeffery Ojemann

Neurological Surgery

Memory and cognitive functions in neurosurgical patients

James Olson

FHCRC-Clinical Research Division

Nanotechnology for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics, personalized medicine

James Park

Hepatobiliary, Surgical Oncology, General Surgery

Translational application of nanotechnology in cancer treatment

Oliver Press (Co-Director)

FHCRC-Clinical Research Division

Novel immunotherapeutic approaches for treatment of hematologic malignancies

Robert Rostomily

Neurological Surgery

Novel systemic and surgical platforms of drug delivery to target brain tumor stem cells

John Silber Neurological Surgery Basic biology of tumor resistance to chemotherapy

Muneesh Tewari

FHCRC-Human Biology

Bioinformatics and computational biology for cancer biology and treatments

Hubert Vesselle


PET/CT/MRI imaging

Cassian Yee FHCRC-Clinical Research Division Tumor immunology and immunotherapeutics for cancer patients

Chun Yuan


Carotic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMRI)

Next Application Due Date:

July 15, 2013