Nanotechnology and Physical Sciences Training Program in Cancer Research


This training program aims to produce a new generation of scientists, engineers, and medical practitioners who are trained to possess the knowledge and skills to integrate innovations in nanotechnology and physical sciences to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Due to the complexity of cancer disease, only limited progress has been made in the field during the past few decades in the clinical arena.  With the advancement of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology in recent years, it has become clear that the involvement of nano science and technology in oncology may fundamentally change our ways to diagnose and treat cancer.  This is a revolutionary approach, training the next generation scientific and clinical leaders who will integrate nanotechnology, basic science, health science, and clinical research to combat this lethal and complex disease.  This 2 year training program will expose the trainee to the following curriculum:

1.  Laboratory or clinical research in which each trainee will be co-advised by the at least two faculty members, one from a medical background and one from a science or engineering background.

2.  Fulfilling a selection of graduate elective courses to complement the trainee's background.

3.  Attending selected seminar series and a clinical tumor board.

4.  Presenting in annual trainee mini-symposia on their research progress.

5.  Actively involved in the trainee journal club which focuses on the latest development in cancer research and ethics.

For further information, please visit "Application" page, or contact Hanson Fong

Next Application Due Date:

July 15, 2013