The i-AMT sees the translation of research discoveries to societal benefits as a vital mission of the Institute. To realize this mission, the i-AMT is committed to serve as a clearing house for inventions developed by faculty operating under the Institute's umbrella. In this role, i-AMT will perform an initial assessment of the commercial potential, the market, prospective licensees, and the justification for seeking patent protection. This evaluation will be done by a committee composed of seasoned technology business professionals, representatives from the investment community, a technology manger from UW TechTransfer, and the IP and Industrial Agreements Manager. Their recommendations will be forwarded to UW TechTransfer to facilitate and expedite patenting decisions and initiate licensing discussions.

The advisory board for research translation at i-AMT include:

Joseph E. Eichinger
President and Co-Founder
CoAptus Medical Corp.

Patrick Ennis, Ph.D.Global Head of Technology
Intellectual Ventures

Rick LeFaivre, Ph.D.
Venture Partner
OVP Venture Partners

Tim Londergan, Ph. D.
Director, Investment Strategy
Intellectual Ventures

Graham N. Mott, Ph.D.
Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Scouting
Global Brand Innovation & Business Creation;
Philips Oral Healthcare, Inc.

John D. Reagh
Managing Director, Business Development and Legal Affairs
Washington Research Foundation

George E. Renzoni, Ph.D.
Member & Patent Attorney
Christiansen, O'Connor, Johnson & Kindness

Keith E. Ritala
Intellectual Property & Industrial Agreements Manager
College of Engineering, University of Washington;
Institute for Advanced Materials Technology, University of Washington

Rad Roberts, Ph.D.
Intellectual Property Manager
College of Arts and Sciences, University of Washington

Fiona Wills, Ph.D.
Director, Invention Licensing
UW TechTransfer

Keith E. Ritala
Intellectual Property & Industrial Agreements Manager
360 Lowe Hall
Office: (206) 616-1381