Prospective U.S. Trainees

U.S. Applicants: Training Opportunities

Postdoctoral fellows and predoctoral students may apply for support to conduct research overseas for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 24 months. Overseas research activities must be supervised by a University of Washington faculty member who will serve as the research advisor and must be endorsed by the host institution.

Financial Provisions for U.S. Trainees

Postdoctoral fellows and predoctoral students may apply to have the following expenses covered:

  • Stipend and health insurance.
  • Travel to and from the foreign research site. (Funds for traveling expenses of any accompanying family members are not provided.)
  • Some housing allowance at the foreign site.

The IARTP does not provide support for field research costs (e.g., supplies, equipment, local salaries, etc.)

U.S. Applicants: Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Overseas research appointments are available to University of Washington postdoctoral fellows, health sciences students, laboratory technicians, and other health care professionals.

U.S. Applicants: Application Process and Further Information

Postdoctoral fellows and health sciences students applying for IARTP training are required to submit the following:

  • An application for admission to the International AIDS Research and Training Program (available from program staff, see contact information below)
  • A letter to the program director outlining your proposed activities. In addition, please include a brief description of your background, a brief history of the proposed collaboration, overview of the research project, role of UW and in-country collaborating faculty, the proposed length and timing of stay, budget needs (e.g., stipend, travel, and/or housing), and an explanation of the proposed field experience for your career goals.
  • Current curriculum vitae, including a list of publications.
  • A letter of recommendation from a University of Washington faculty member who can attest to the applicant's academic and professional capabilities, who endorses the proposed research, and who will serve as research advisor.

The following may be required of some applicants (please check with the IARTP program director to see if any of these are necessary in your case):

  • Research project proposal.
  • Documentation of ethical approval. The Fogarty International Center requires prior ethical approval of all overseas research activities which receive support from the IARTP. Required documentation includes University of Washington Human Subjects approval number and date, host country Ethical Review Committee approval date, and relevant OHRP assurance number(s), e.g. the research institution's Federal-wide Assurance (FWA) number.

If you would like additional information about this program, send a current CV and letter of inquiry that includes a description of current research activities with a UW collaborative research group as well as training interests to:

Carey Farquhar, MD, MPH, Director
King K. Holmes, MD, PhD, Co-Director
International AIDS Research & Training Program
University of Washington
325 Ninth Avenue, Box 359909
Seattle, Washington 98104-2499 USA
Telephone: +1-206-543-4278
Fax: +1-206-543-4818