The 39th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics

Main Session Program
(last updated Sept. 17, 2006)

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Friday, Sept. 15 Location: Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall Location: Room 201, Gowen Hall
9:00-9:20 Zev Handel, Asian Languages and Literature
Welcome to the conference
9:20-9:30 Ellen Kaisse, Divisional Dean of Arts & Humanities
Welcome to the university
SESSIONS Chair: Inga-Lill Hansson Chair: Keith Dede
9:40-10:00 Yang, Liujin T Aldridge, Edith JK
A diachronic comparison of domestic animal name pronunciations among the Nisu Yi of China The Emergence of Wh-indefinites in Chinese
10:00-10:20 Gaca, Maciej T Yue, Kun JK
Amazing story of Wo Renbo - written scripts of Southern China and ethnic indentity Attention and Mandarin Syntax
10:20-10:40   T Dai, ZhaoMing JK
The Typological Significance of the Chinese Modality Particles
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break (outside the Walker-Ames Room)
11:00-11:40 Randy LaPolla
Keynote Address: Nominalization in Rawang, with an excursus on “descriptive” linguistics and linguistic theory
(Introduction: Professor James A. Matisoff)
11:40-1:00 Lunch Break (on your own; groups will leave for McMahon 8 from Walker-Ames at 11:45)
SESSIONS Chair: Randy LaPolla Chair: Edith Aldridge
1:00-1:20 Evans, Jonathan R Yeh, Jui-chuan JK
How do you analyze a two tone system – when both tones are high? On the Excessive Construction in Mandarin Chinese
1:20-1:40 SHIRAI, Satoko R Yu, Dominic D
Functions of the modality suffix "-a" in nDrapa Relative clauses and the noun phrase in Cantonese
1:40-2:00 Huang, Chenglong R Dede, Keith D
Relative Clauses in the Puxi Variety of Qiang The Reported Speech Particle in the Xining Dialect
2:00-2:20 Lin, You-Jing R Sung, Kai-lin Oth
From Directional to Past Imperfective: A Case from rGyalrong Tonal Harmony in Chinese Raps
2:20-2:40 IKEDA, Takumi R Hsiao, Yuchau E. and Sung, Kai-lin AB
Some Historical Records on the Lyuzu Language in Southwest China A Corpus Study of Classic Chinese Poetry
2:40-3:00 Coffee Break (outside the Walker-Ames Room)
SESSIONS Chair: James A. Matisoff Chair: Mark Alves
3:00-3:20 Hansson, Inga-Lill U Gong, Hwang-cherng AB
Evidentiality in Akha A hypothesis of the influences of pre-initial consonants upon the development of rhymes from Old Chinese to Middle Chinese
3:20-3:40 Pelkey, Jamin U Dempsey, Jakob AB
Muji uncorked: A first tasting of the dialects, distinctives, and distribution Intra-/ inter-divisional doublets and their implications for OC
3:40-4:00 HAYASHI, Norihiko U Ferlus, Michel AB
Youle Jino Adjectives What were the four divisions of the Middle Chinese
4:00-4:20 Lama, Ziwo U PHUA, Chiew Pheng AB
Where did the 'Dog' 'Go': a Continuing 'Chew' over the Labiovelars of Northern Yi Alternations of Voiced and Voiceless Initials in Old Chinese: A Cognitive Approach to the Study of Chinese Historical Phonology
4:20-4:40 Lidz, Liberty U Jeon, Kwang Jin AB
A Synopsis of Yongning Na (Mosuo) Phonological change of Old Chinese (LFK System): Dissimilation
4:40-5:00 HU, Suhua U  
The Serial Verb Constructions in Nuosu Yi Language
6:30 Dinner (on your own; groups will leave for University Way restaurants from Watertown Hotel lobby at 6:30)


SATURDAY, Sept. 16 Location: Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall Location: Room 201, Gowen Hall Location: Room 1A, Gowen Hall
SESSIONS Chair: Kamal Malla Chair: Jerry Norman  
9:00-9:20 DeLancey, Scott V Brewer, Warren FG
A Preliminary Survey of the Kurtoep Verb Mapping Taiwanese 'goose'
9:20-9:40 Doty, Christopher V Branner, David Prager FG
Relativization in Kurtoep: Preliminary Notes A Sound Change in Progress in Some Fújiàn Mǐnnán Dialects
9:40-10:00 Mazaudon, Martine V Jiang, Ping FG
Tone and voice quality in TGTM (Tamang-an) languages Consonant alternation in Fuzhou Chinese
10:00-10:20 Michailovsky, Boyd V Chang, Jung-Im FG
Sources of vowel alternation in Kiranti verbs Development of the -m Coda and the "Closed-Mouth Final" in the Yong'an Dialect Spoken in Fujian Province
10:20-10:40 Plaisier, Heleen V Chan, Marjorie K.M. C
Lepcha and its next of kin Liu Yi Chuan Shu (柳毅傳書): A Cantonese Opera, Its Language, Script Versions, and Stage Performances
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break (outside the Walker-Ames Room)
11:00-12:00 Robbins Burling
Keynote Address: The Lingua Franca cycle and the map of Tibeto-Burman Languages
(Introduction: Professor Inga-Lill Hansson)
12:00-1:20 Lunch Break (on your own)
SESSIONS Chair: Scott DeLancey Chair: Tung Chung-Szu
1:20-1:40 Taguchi, Yoshihisa Q Chen, Yi-Hsiu FG
*r and the cluster initials in Proto-Hmong-Mien The Pragmatics and Grammaticalization of Taiwan Southern Min「死」
1:40-2:00 Lowes, Gwendolyn Q Lin, I Chen FG
Comparative Notes on Tibeto-Burman Copulas Processing of Taiwanese tone sandhi: The Gating paradigm
2:00-2:20 Matisoff, James A. Q Chen, Yawen FG
Stable roots in Sino-Tibetan/Tibeto-Burman A study on the use of Taiwanese classifiers by different generations
2:20-2:40 Sun, Hongkai Q Cheng, Ying and Chen, Yawen FG
Pronominalization in Tibeto-Burman A study on the semantics and compounding of Southern Min chêng 前
2:40-3:00 Coffee Break (outside the Walker-Ames Room)
SESSIONS Chair: Martine Mazaudon Chair: David Branner Chair: David Solnit
3:00-3:20 Caplow, Nancy X Chiang, Min-hua E Hartmann, John LM
The reconstruction of stress in Proto-Tibetan The distinctions between Hai咍/Tan覃/Han寒 and Tai泰/Tan談/Huan桓 rhymes in Gan and Hakka A Regional Approach to the Study of Tai Toponyms
3:20-3:40 Sung, Kuo-ming X CHENG, Hsiao-feng E LUO, Yongxian LM
A Four-Tone Autosegmental Analysis on Tone Sandhi in Lhasa Tibetan On the Dangshe hekou Division 3 words in Hakka and Min Some Sino-Tai Correspondences in Old Chinese *-a- (鱼)Finals
3:40-4:00 Willis, Christina X Yeh, Chiou-shing E Khanittanan, Wilaiwan LM
Who is Doing What to Whom? -- A Case Study of Coding Strategies in Darma An Optimality Theoretical Approach to Reduplication Tone Sandhi in Hai-lu Hakka Tao Te Ching Influence in Tai Languages: Evidence for a Taoist Legacy
4:00-4:20 Huziwara, Keisuke S TUNG, chung-szu E Feng, Ying LM
Come and Go in Cak The Relationship among Yao, She, and Hakka through Phonetic Analyses 汉语借词对水语构词方式的影响borrowing words from Chinese influence on the word formation of Shui Language
4:20-4:40 Wu, Chinwei S Liu, Hsiao-Chien E Tumtavitikul, Apiluck LM
The Morphophological Structures of Four-Syllabic Reduplicants in Jingpo(Kachin) Dialect: An Optimality-Theoretical Approach The Euphemism of Death in Hakka, Mandarin, and English Thai Intonation in Four Emotions
4:40-5:00 DAI, Qingxia S Wu, Anqi C
The Negative Category of Jingpo Language Historical Strata of Colloquial and Literary Words in Wenzhou Speech
7:00-9:00 Banquet (Portage Bay Room at South Campus Center -- see separate sheet for directions)


SUNDAY, Sept. 17 Location: Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall Location: Room 201, Gowen Hall
SESSIONS Chair: Jonathan Evans Chair: Boyd Michailovsky
9:20-9:40 * Sawada, Hideo O Hasnain, Muhammad W
ʔă-prefixation on verbs and auxiliaries in Lhaovo (Maru) Language: non-derivational use Balti Proverbs - Compiled by G. H. Hasni
9:40-10:00 Watkins, Justin O Malla, Kamal Prakash W
The SOAS Wa Dictionary Project: Lexicography for a Divided Language A Tale of the Tail: Classical Newari and Proto-Tibeto-Burman
10:00-10:20 Solnit, David B O
Notes on Pa-O Phonology
10:20-10:40 KATO, Atsuhiko O
Valence-changing particles in Pwo Karen
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break (outside the Walker-Ames Room)
11:00-11:40 Jerry Norman
Keynote Address: Proto-Min Numerals
(Introduction: Professor William G. Boltz)
11:40-1:00 Lunch Break (on your own)
SESSIONS Chair: Robbins Burling Chair: Janet Xing
1:00-1:20 Sarmah, Priyankoo Y Deng, Lin D
An acoustic study of Mizo tones and morpho-tonology Stratified Tonal Changes in Shaoguan Dialect of Northern Guangdong
1:20-1:40 Peterson, David A. Y Shen, Hong D
Aspects of Mru phonetics and phonology Chongqing Yanzi
1:40-2:00 Coupe, Alec Y Hsu, Fu-mei H
Diachronic sources of converb morphology in Ao Predicate Ellipsis in Old Chinese
2:00-2:20 Dockum, Rikker Y Zhang, linsheng H
Convergences in Khumi and Marma morphosyntax On the topic marker "zhe" in the Old Chinese
2:20-2:40   HSIAO, Suying H
Language contact and lexical competition: Chinese impact on Mongolian negations
2:40-3:00 Coffee Break (outside the Walker-Ames Room)
SESSIONS Chair: David Branner Chair: Chiang Min-hua
3:00-3:20 Fu, Jingqi P Xing, Janet I
The Word Orders of the Bai Language Semantic Extension of Color Terms in Chinese
3:20-3:40 Xu, Shixuan P Lu, Mingchang I
The Tujia Lexicon and Language Contact An OT and Corpus-Based Analysis of English Loanwords in Mandarin: Cases of Coda Adaptation
3:40-4:00 Kiryu, Kazuyuki Z Tang, Chihsia I
An Analysis of a verbal suffix chəi in Meche Synchronic and Diachronic Metaphorical Explorations of English Slang with Food Names and Comparisions with Chinese Semantically-corresponding Counterparts
4:00-4:20 Alves, Mark N Luo, Jiapeng C
A Report on the Loanword Situation in Vietnamese Statistical Analysis Methods of the Corresponding Patterns of the Sound System Among Chinese Varieties
4:20-4:40 Gage, William N
Residual Chinese Loans in Vietnamese
4:45-5:00 Zev Handel, Asian Languages and Literature
Closing Remarks
6:30-8:00 Barbecue Dinner (Watertown Hotel lobby)


AB Chinese Historical Phonology
C Chinese Strata/Lexicon
D Chinese Dialects
E Chinese Dialects: Hakka
FG Chinese Dialects: Min
H Chinese Historical Syntax
I Mandarin Morphology and Semantics
JK Mandarin Syntax
LM Tai
N Austroasiatic: Vietnamese
O Tibeto-Burman: Burmish, Karen
P Tibeto-Burman: Bai, Tujia
Q Tibeto-Burman Comparison
R Tibeto-Burman: Qiangic
S Tibeto-Burman: Jingpo-Nungish-Luish
T Tibeto-Burman: Loloish texts
U Tibeto-Burman: Loloish
V Tibeto-Burman: Himalayish 1
W Tibeto-Burman: Himalayish 2
X Tibeto-Burman: Himalayish 3
Y Tibeto-Burman: Kuki-Chin-Naga
Z Tibeto-Burman: Bodo-Garo
Oth Other