Where is Thule?

Greenland map 76° 32' N, 68° 45' W

Thule Air Base is run by the United States Air Force Space Command, under a long-standing agreement with Denmark, which controls the foreign affairs of Greenland.

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Below is a shaded relief map of the Thule area showing some of our primary study sites. Additional research also takes place outside of these selected sites.

Site map
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Generalized Geologic Map The map to the right shows the general geology of the region surrounding Thule Air Base. Silicates (beige color) dominate the southern portions of the penninsula. Blue and white hatched patterns indicate Quaternary deposits of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Dark blue colors (Ni and Nb) are upper pre-Cambrian carbonate deposits (Narssassuk Formation). Yellow color (D) indicate shale, siltstone and sandstone of the Dundas Formation and the blue inclusions are diabase/dolerite sills.

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Thule air base
View of the Thule Air Base taken from North Mountain.