For Patients

Appointments and Referrals

New patients should call the Patient Care Coordinator 206-744-5155 to schedule their first appointment. The initial review will cover the medical history, current health, previous health care providers, and medical coverage.

Routine appointments may be made by calling 206-744-5100. Established patients may be seen on an urgent walk-in basis when appointments are available by calling the clinic or walking-in and speaking with a triage nurse.

Transferring Care to Madison Clinic

Important note for new patients to Harborview Medical Center and are currently on HIV medications:

If you do not have any more refills please contact the clinic’s Patient Care Coordinator (206-744-5155) ASAP to schedule your first appointment to establish care BEFORE you run out of your medication. Please do not wait until you are running low or completely out to contact us.  Thank you.

To order refills at Madison Clinic Pharmacy

Patient Refill Line: (206) 744-5151
Patient Refill online:
*Refills may be picked up in the Outpatient Pharmacy after hours if indicated.

Please indicate the following when ordering refills:
1) Name and Harborview ID number
2) Name of medication(s) and/or prescription number
3) When you want to pick them up

*Please allow 48 hours to process refills

Disclaimer :
Madison Clinic recommends that prior to making any medical or treatment related decisions for HIV-infected individuals based exclusively on the information appearing in this website, patients and practitioners should first consult with HIV/AIDS trained practitioners and pharmacists. The Madison Clinic assumes no responsibility for adverse outcomes which may be construed to be the result of decisions about treatment based exclusively on information contained on this website. Because of the rapidly changing nature of information about HIV treatment and therapies, prescribers, pharmacists and patients should gather as much information as possible before making health management decisions. Such decisions should always be made in consultation between a physician and a patient.