• Michael J. Bevan, PhD, FRS
    Professor of Immunology, Investigator HHMI
    Email: click here
    Phone: (206) 685-3610

Studies the mechanisms underlying maturation, recognition, and homeostasis of cytotoxic T lymphocytes; the role of CD8+ T cells in host defense against viral and bacterial pathogens; and helper signals for forming robust CD8 memory. Dr. Bevan was among the first to describe the phenomenon of MHC-restricted antigen recognition by T lymphocytes, has been a driving force in the elucidation of mechanisms underlying T cell receptor repertoire selection in the thymus and periphery, and was the first to report “cross-priming.” His group has also recently shown that CD8 T cells responding to acute pathogens, such as Listeria monocytogenes or lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, are dependent on signals from CD4 T cells to generate and maintain long-lived functional memory cells. Very recently, his work has shown that signals from IL-2 are an essential part of the initial response in programming CD8 T cells to full differentiation into memory cells that can respond on rechallenge. Recent studies from his lab have shed light on how the emerging T cell repertoire is purged of reactivity to self antigens that have tissue restricted expression. He collaborates with Drs. Urdahl, and Fink.

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