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  • Danielle Zerr, MD, MPH
    Interim Division Chief and Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Affiliate Investigator at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and the Medical Director of Infection Prevention at Seattle Children’s Hospital
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    Phone: (206) 987-2653

Dr. Zerr’s research has focused on two main areas: (1) Defining the epidemiology of viral pathogens in healthy children and immunocompromised hosts and (2) describing the epidemiology and defining prevention strategies for healthcare-associated infections. Recent work includes studies investigating the epidemiology of human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. This work has involved the application of neuropsychiatric and neuropsychological tools in order to better understand the impact HHV-6 has on the central nervous system in these patients. In addition, Dr. Zerr collaborates with Dr. Weissman in investigating the molecular epidemiology of broad-spectrum beta-lactam resistance in pediatric Enterobacteriaceae infections. Currently, they lead a multi-center surveillance study that will result in integrative analyses of patient characteristics, bacterial phylogenetics, and molecular resistance mechanisms in order to better target prevention strategies. She collaborates with Drs. Corey, Boeckh, Englund, and Weissman.

Brandeis University, B.A., Biology, 1989

Medical School
Temple University School of Medicine, 1993

Children's Hosptial and Regional Medical Center/University of Washington, 1993-96

Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center/University of Washington, 1996-99

University of Washington School of Public Health, M.P.H., Epidemiology tract, 1997

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Book Chapters

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